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All submissions are subject to a double blind peer-review process. The editor asks the opinion of two referees who are experts in the relevant field of research. The paper is also read by one of the members of the editorial board. If both of the referees and an editor board member concur in their view, their decision is final. The editor consults a third referee if there is a difference of opinion. In order to expedite the proceedings, which is one of the objectives of the journal, we do not require a full report on the paper from the referees. The choice of referees and the fact that we require a consensus view between the referees and an editor ensures, however, that the process is as fair as possible. Each manuscript must include a 200-word abstract. The acceptance rate of the journal is 10%. Articles are accepted only in MS-Word format. All submissions should include the JEL classification codes. Submitted articles should strictly follow the format of the sample article. There is no submission fee. Publication fee for each accepted article is $250 USD. Articles for consideration should be submitted in MS-Word format at

All submissions will be subject to strict plagiarism checks before any consideration for the peer review process.

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Cancellation and Refunds

You have a statutory right to cancel your payment within 3 working days starting on the day after the publishing contract between us comes into force. Where you cancel your booking in accordance with this condition you will be entitled to a full refund of any payments you have made in respect of your article. Once your article has been prepared for publication, no refunds are permissible. Refunds will only be made under this paragraph if requested in writing. All refunds will be made in USD. We will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of currency fluctuations or exchange rates.

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Please submit your article in only one file containing all the tables, figures and the text

Please submit the article in Microsoft Word format only. No pdf files are accepted.

The attached file should not include any message or letter to the editor.

The submitted article should include the name(s) and the affiliation(s) of the author(s) in the first page of the article.

Vous souhaitez soumettre un article à la revue?

Les articles soumis à la revue sont évalués à l'aveugle, c'est-à-dire soumis anonymés à l'évaluation de deux arbitres anonymes. Les éditeurs, responsables de la publication, transmettent à l'auteur ou aux auteurs les évaluations anonymes et lui communiquent leur décision de publication, de révision ou de rejet. La décision de rejet est définitive. La révision constitue une invitation à resoumettre. L'acceptation "sous réserve de modification" conditionne la publication à la prise en compte des modifications listées (souvent mineures). L'acceptation sans réserve, plutôt rare en première instance, constitue la conclusion logique d'une procédure de soumission réussie.