European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 134 No 1
August, 2015

Synthesis and Chemical Identification of Branched Heterocyclic Compounds
Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali
A variety of branched heterocyclic compounds were synthesized via preparation of several cycles included in same compounds, these cycles contain more than one hetero atom from (N, S, O) in same cycle . The cyclization reactions carried via several methods like (condensation reaction ,addition reaction, cyclization of chalcone, substitution reaction. The chemical structures of the new compounds [1-15] were identified by several techniques like (FT.IR, 1H.NMR, C.H.N) and the reaction time ,purity was checked by TLC with determining the melting points., some of them identified by (13C.NMR)- spectra.
Keywords: Heterocyclic ,chaconne , cyclization, diazepine, oxadiazole, sulfur, imidazole, aldol.

Modelling and Implementation of Cascaded Boost Converter for Solar Installation System
Dr.A.Kalirasu and Dr.S. S. Dash
Energy is an important input in all sectors of every country’s economy. There is a fear that the non-renewable energy sources will get exhausted eventually in the next century. Therefore other systems based on renewable sources are being tried by many countries. This paper proposes a new topology for photovoltaic DC/DC converter with high gain and output power under wide input voltage range. The topology study of open loop and closed loop systems with high gain step-up conversion and step increase in input voltage are proposed. A cascaded DC to DC boost converter is modeled and simulated using matlab and it is implemented using embedded controller. This converter provides the constant output voltage irrespective of the PV panel output and load. The simulation and experimental results of this system are presented and time response analysis of this system is made and compared. The performance of this converter is compared with the conventional boost converter. This comparison reveals that the present converter system has the advantages of high gain and high output power and fast response with the minimum number of components.
Keywords: Cascaded boost converter, Closed loop, Solar cells, PV cells, Matlab, Simulation, Solar Installation.

Social Media Analysis Grouping Algorithm (SMAGA)
L.Rajeswari and Dr.S.S.Dhenakaran
Social Media is a popular platform to share user’s thoughts and likes or dislikes from different geographical regions, especially with the phenomenal growth of Social Media sites and Blogs which generate vast amounts of user content that are analyzed to retrieve useful and specific information. This new growth was not without challenges like grouping people with similarity in likes or dislikes. This paper aims to retrieve valuable knowledge from this huge amount of data and help in informed decisions. This paper presents a novel data mining technique for grouping like-minded people called the Social Media Analysis Grouping Algorithm using databases (SMAGA).
Keywords: Social Media, Grouping, Tweet Analysis, Geographical area, k-mean, SMAGA-Entropy.

A Review of an Inductive Power Transfer System for EV Battery Charger
Mohamed Salem, A. Jusoh, N. Rumzi N. Idris, and Ibrahim alhamrouni
The whole world is looking forward this year to reducing fuel consumption and creating a cleaner environment for future generations. The development of electric vehicles over the years has proved to be the best solution, despite the challenges they face to reduce their performance. This paper discusses the solution of these challenges, which is how to provide a convenient and less complicated way of charging the battery. It is well known that the plug-in charging is not useful due to the lack of protection and complexity, while the Contactless Power Transfer strategy (CPT) has gained a lot of attention because it provides the energy transfer wirelessly. The inductive power transfer (IPT) can be classified as a part of contactless power transfer. This paper focuses on reviewing how the IPT charging system (parts) works and addresses the many problems that this technology faces in order to design a better system that can achieve a convenient and fast charging.
Keywords: Inductive power transfer, Electric vehicle applications, Battery charging.

The Influences of Task Interdependence, Team Cooperation, Team Conflict and Team Trust on Job Performance: Using the Cognitions of Real Estate Brokers in Kaohsiung City as an Example
Chun-Chang Lee, Chih-Min Liang and Shum-Ming Cai
This study investigated the relationships between task interdependence, team cooperation, team conflict and team trust at the team level and their impact on job performance at the individual level by applying the path analysis method and hierarchical linear modeling in estimation. A total of 510 questionnaires were distributed to branches of a chain real estate brokerage firm in Kaohsiung, and 323 valid samples were recovered from 54 branches, for a valid return rate of 63.33%. According to the empirical results, task interdependence has a significant positive impact on team cooperation; task interdependence has a significant negative impact on relationship conflict; team trust has a significant positive impact on team cooperation; the job performance of real estate brokers varies significantly by as much as 34.5% between the various branches; team cooperation, task conflict and team trust have a significant positive impact on job performance; and relationship conflict has a significant negative impact on job performance. According to these results, in order to establish better management mechanisms to enhance the job performance of real estate brokers, the importance of task interdependence, team cooperation, task conflict, relationship conflict and team trust cannot be ignored.
Keywords: Task Interdependence, Team Cooperation, Team Conflict, Team Trust, Job Performance.

Invoice Recognition by Effective Interested Strip Segmentation
Cheng-Huang Tung, Yi-Guei Lin and Ming-Jheng Wu
A high-accuracy invoice recognition system is proposed. The main features of an invoice include a sequence number with 8 digits and a two-month period label with two English letters. First, Hough transformation is used to adjust the skew of the invoice image to segment the invoice-feature image. The binarization effect for the color invoice-feature image is optimized to properly segment the interested strip of sequence number with 8 color digit images. Each color digit image is categorized by the voting of recognizing its 10 binary images generated by using various thresholds. Next, two color letter images for the period label are segmented and recognized by the similar procedure. The experimental results are promising. After the confirmation procedure, recognition accuracies for the binary digit images and the binary letter images are 99.2% and 98.6%, respectively. Based on the voting of recognizing the corresponding binary images, we have 100% accuracy for categorizing the color digit images and the color letter images.
Keywords: invoice recognition, Hough transformation, sequence number, period label.

Increasing N, P or K ratio in a compound NPK fertilizer in relation to growth, yield and quality of onion crop.
Mona E. El-Azab and M.M. Abo El-Magd
Field experiment was conducted at Experimental Station of the National Research Centre to investigate the effect of different ratios of N, P and K soil fertilizers on growth, yield, and chemical content as well as the productivity of onion bulbs. Onion seedlings 35days age were transplanted in the field at 20 December 2014. After fifty days of transplanting onion plants fertilized by the different treatments. The important results are as follows:1- The highest values of vegetative growth characteristics were obtained with the equation (N: P: K equation 3:1:1) the level of 180 kg N, 60 kg P and 60 kg K /fed. 2- The highest bulb quality expressed as bulb weight, neck :diameter, bulb diameter and bulbing ratio at harvest were recorded with NPK application of the level of 180 Kg N, 60 Kg P and 60 Kg K per feddan (N: P: K equation 3:1:1). 3- The highest productivity and bulb weight were obtained by the application of 180 Kg N: 60 Kg P: 60Kg K per feddan (N: P: K equation 3:1:1).
Keywords: soil fertilization, NPK, fertilizer levels, bulb quality, onion plants.

In vitro isolation and culturing of stromal bone marrow stem cells gene delivery.
Albukhaty S
Adult Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC) culture have broad interest in biology due to its potential applications in clinical studies, the present study aimed to produce the Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC) from bone marrow of femur and tibia bones of adult Sprague–Dawley rats, and evaluated by fluorescent microscopy and immunocytochemistry for gene transfection.
BMSC were cultured in an appropriate media α-Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (α-MEM) supplemented by fetal bovine serum (FBS) and incubated at 37°C in a 5% CO2 humidified atmosphere, GFP reporter gene was used to evaluate transfected cells, cell viability was evaluated by trypan blue assay,various specific marker were used for BMSCs purification .Our results showed expression of fibronectin, CD106, CD90 and CD34 markers that indicated a considerable percentage of cultured cells were BMSCs, which showed suitability forplasmid DNA transfection.
Keywords: Adult stem cells, Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC), Gene transfection, Stem cell culture.

Cyber Attack Challenges and Resilience for Smart Grids
Sajid Nazir, Hassan Hamdoun, Omar A. Alzubi and Jafar A. Alzubi
A smart grid system supports intelligent metering and monitoring functions spanning the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution. It has enormous benefits for meeting the energy demands and billing requirements through controls at the supply side rather than at the demand side. This departure from the traditional perspective makes it a very attractive transformation for both developing and developed economies. However, a major drawback is the increased vulnerability of the highly connected system and knock-on ramifications on various related sub systems and networks. With the connectivity emerge the associated dangers of exposed system entry points through nodes located at various geographical locations; making an easy target for a motivated hacker. Starting at the compromised node, the inner system can be penetrated and its core functionality can be compromised. There is thus a need for having a system wide resilience in the design and architecture to meet these challenges. This paper reviews the vulnerabilities and resilience strategies for a smart grid and proposes the combined use of macro and micro management techniques as an evolutionary process to enhance system availability.
Keywords: Computer Security, cyber security, Control systems, SCADA, critical infrastructures.

Deterministic Algorithm for Constructing Fractal Attractors of Iterated Function Systems
Wadia Faid Hassan Al-shameri
In this research paper, we present an algorithm, called the Deterministic Iteration Algorithm, to generate deterministic fractal attractor of an iterated function system (IFS) iteratively. We introduce the notion of the Hausdorff distance metric and its connection to the Hausdorff space as the space of deterministic fractal attractors. Finally, the algorithm is implemented by Matlab program and illustrated by some computed attractors to be deterministic fractal attractors of the IFSs.
Keywords: Fractals, iterated function system, fixed points, attractors.