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The European Scientific Journal which was founded in Europe, in October 2010 was a place for publishing scholarly papers from around the world. To reflect worldwide focus, the ESJR was actively seeks writers and reviewers from a wide range of nations and academic institutions.

The Journal Specially Published Best Research Papers in important Fields like Science & technology. The Key Features of Research Papers Was Original Work, Important Research, timely Publication & Precise Conclusions.  Also the Publication Published Various Journals for trending areas important for science & Scientists in the interest of Public.

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About European Journal of Scientific Research

The European Journal of Scientific Research Which Was the Major Name of Publication for Scientific Research Papers. The Core Functionality Was to Publish Original Work, reviews, Conclusions , Summery & Articles used for research related work. The Major Subjects for Research areas are both theoretical & Applied Like  sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, medical studies, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics, geology, engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, linguistics, medicine & industrial Etc. Various Researcher used these Publications for their research purposes.  Various Scientists & Researcher also submitted their articles till 2022 to the publication.

Please Note : They Have Stopped !! Currently European Journal of Scientific Research  are Not Accepting any new papers/articles With effect from JUNE 1, 2022

The journal publishes various theoretical research papers . The European Journal of Scientific Research covers all aspects polymer applications, including composite and structural materials, packaging, medicinal implants, plastic electronics, energy, and many more in the past.

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Major Publication Areas in Past

The Publication has Editorial Board ,Which Comprises of Various Knowledgeable specialists. They have the Knowledge of Wide range of fields. The Board Also includes famous academicians form European Scientific Journal (ESJ) partner universities, conference attendees, or contributing writers.

The European Scientific Publication (ESJ) is a open-access publication journal that publishes research articles. They Publish  monthly journals. The Tentative Date of new version publication is  the last day of each month. The journal was divided into the following sections:

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural/Life/Medical Sciences

The journal was published articles in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. All articles, regardless of language, have titles and abstracts in English. On the final day of each month, the final research paper was published.

What Was the Scope of European Scientific Journal ?

The European Journal of Scientific Research Publication Served various scientists for providing them several research articles . The variety of publication fields like science & other Subjects was interest areas among researcher.  The Timely Publication & reporting of science-related news and concerns guarantees that scientific findings are swiftly distributed to the general public throughout the world in a way.


The European Journal of Scientific Research publishes research of international interest from all medical disciplines, allowing clinicians and other researchers to learn about developments and innovations both within and across disciplines. Internal medicine, surgery, neurology, infectious illnesses, and intensive care medicine are also covered in depth in the articles.

The Publication Aims to  publishes premium quality research and reviews and strives to publish the results of all well-conducted research, regardless of outcome for the use of researcher & scholars at no cost.

What was the Significance of European Scientific Journal ?

The European Journal of Scientific Research is a light of academic excellence and information sharing in the worldwide scientific environment from 2010 to 2022. Their Main Aim Was to develop scientific understandings by offering knowledgeable   articles to scholars. The Multiple Areas of Research Articles interact the Global Scientists.

The Best Part of European Scientific Journal  is that they provide free & Open Access Globally.  This Feature Attracted various scholars, educators, and the general public to access relevant information. They Also Collaborate with various excellencies to contribute in research papers & articles .  The international collaboration with Eminent  Scientists & researchers add good value the publication.

Current Scope of European Scientific Journal

Currently, The European Scientific Journal does not publish any articles/research papers. They stops their Publication activities in June 2022. For more than 12 years they does good work in research publication to contribute science. So If any Scholar or Scientists wants to look their articles or publication can visit their past articles. Their Past Publications & Articles are still important for many Scholars . Scholars Can follow their Old work available on the other resources in the field of research . The Journal’s Contribution in the field of Science will be remember by many Scientists.

So all the Scholars, Scientists & Readers Must be aware that , there is no article or research paper is published by the European Scientific Journal. You can get all the Latest Finance, Government Aid & Trending Updates Around the World from this website , Which might be helpful for you.

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