$1,200 California Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming- Know Payment Dates, Eligibility & Latest Updates

The $1,200 California Stimulus Checks in June 2024 are coming to for all the Californian residents. The state will provide the stimulus checks under the Golden State Stimulus checks benefits. The eligible persons will receive the benefits depending on their eligibility. If you want to know whether you are eligible for the benefits or not, you should continue reading the article. It has all the latest updates regarding the upcoming the $1,200 California Stimulus Checks approved for the state residents.

$1,200 California Stimulus Checks Benefit

I want to clarify that the state official department has not made any official updates regarding the benefits. You can expect them in this month. But in order to receive the benefits, you have to wait for a while. The cost of living is rising in the US and the housing rent is touching the sky. It has become difficult for the US citizens to survive in such economic condition.  All the states in the US make such efforts to benefits their residents. And it is one of such benefits that the state is making to benefit you with the $1,200 a month payment as a stimulus check. You will receive the check as a one-time payment.

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The benefit is not expected to help on annual basis. For the month of June, the payment will be applicable for you. Check the page to avail the benefits on times. You can also expect the benefits on the 30TH of June as a one-time payment for the eligible citizens. The age groups are not decided for the benefits as all the citizens above the age of 19 are going to receive the benefits. But the annual income of prospective citizens will be measured to ensure them a fair share of the benefits. The state revenue department will analyze the tax that you have paid in the previous year so that you can avoid overpay and underpay according to the case.

$1,200 California Stimulus Checks Quick Overview

Title $1,200 California Stimulus Checks coming in May 2024
Official Agency Franchise Tax Board
Origin Country The USA
Category Californian Residents
Year 2024
Expected Dates 31st May 2024
Official Website www.ftb.gov
$1,200 California Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming- Know Payment Dates, Eligibility & Latest Updates

What are California Stimulus Checks?

The California stimulus checks are also known as the Golden State Stimulus checks. It has already been provided in two separate segments. This time the Californian residents will receive the benefits for the third times as the continuing series of golden state stimulus checks. The benefits are solely and exclusively delivered to the state residents. And their income will be measured before the payment transfer.

Who will receive the $1,200 California Stimulus Checks?

The Californian residents will receive the benefits. In order to get the benefits, you have to make sure that you have stayed in the state for more than half of the year to avail the benefit. To avail 2024 benefit amounts, you have to make sure that you have stayed in the state for half of 2023 and continue living there till now. The FTB will also measure your adjusted gross income for the 2023. Your payment will go on the last three digit of ZIP code on your 2023 tax return. For knowing the adjusted gross income levels, go below in the page.

AGI for $1,200 California Stimulus Checks

  • The FTB will provide you the benefits only if your Adjusted Gross Income for 2023 was $1 to $75000. If the income for 2023 is higher than the threshold you will not even receive the reduced benefits.
  • If you are filing for the stimulus checks as a couple, your AGI can be up to $150,000 for 2023. You also have to file the tax even on the non-taxable income so that the FTB can deliver you the $1,200 stimulus checks benefits.
  • You will receive the benefits only when you are not claimed as a dependent by some else. You are filing for the benefits for yourself and for your partner as well. And you have also been a resident of California by the time you are filing for the benefits.

Payment Dates for $1,200 California Stimulus Checks

You might be eagerly waiting for the payment dates as the state you will provide you the latest benefits. The FTB has not disclosed the dates as of now because there are certain complications in the process. One of the complications is the duration of the payment the FTB cannot make out the way whether the payment should be delivered for one time or the payment should be made on regular basis. Because the cost of living has gone up, the FTB should make the benefits for regular basis. But most probably you can expect the benefit on the 31st of May 2024. It is the last day of the month and FTB can possibly make the payment on this day. But there are just assumptions no confirmation from our side.

How to Claim the $1,200 California Stimulus Checks?

You do not need to make any formal claim for the benefits because the FTB will distribute the sum according the tax return. That is why I keep stressing on the tax filing because the tax return will become the determining factor for the benefits amounts. You also do not need to any other eligibility for the benefits other than the previous year tax return receipts.

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