$1,312 New Stimulus Check Coming in April 2024 : Payments Credited via Mail from April 21, know Latest Updates Here

Alaskan department of revenue is providing a new $1312 Stimulus Check in March in the form of tax rebate or relief fund. This is included in the Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) given to all eligible citizens. All the Alaskan citizens will receive this stimulus check. This new $1312 stimulus check payment 2024 will be available in February 2024.

In this article you will come to know who is eligible for $1312 stimulus check payments in February 2024 and what all documents you require to be eligible. Remember that only permanent residents of state of Alaska are eligible to get this payment. Other people do not qualify for this stimulus check. You will receive the payment directly to your bank account.

$1312 Stimulus Check Payment 2024

When department released this $1312 stimulus check payment date people were unavailable to receive this payment. Previous dates were from 27 February 2023 to 1st January 2024. The government has released a statement recently in which they have stated that those people who did not receive $1312 stimulus check before can now receive it in February 2024. The eligible people will get much needed financial support and better living conditions with the help of this free amount. With the help of this people can manage their living expenses easily.

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This payment is a part of Stimulus Check which is given to eligible Alaskan citizens. During this hour of crisis people can get some financial help and stability and it can also further help in boosting economy. Don’t worry if you have not received this new $1312 stimulus check payment yet, now you can receive it in February 2024. Department has expanded the eligibility criteria now and allows residents to get this payment if they have filled the application form.

So have patience about this new $1312 stimulus check payment as it will be available to you in coming few days. If you want to know the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend $1312 status after you filled your application form then visit their official website. Apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend for the year 2024 if you desire to receive this payment. If you have already applied for this fund then you can expect to receive this in the February 2024. The department has expanded the date till March 31 2024 for the current year.

$1,312 New Stimulus Check Coming in March 2024 : Payments Credited via Mail from March 21, know Latest Updates

Overview of New $1312 Stimulus Check Payment

Name of the Scheme $1312 New Stimulus Check Payment 2024
Amount $1312
State of Application Alaska
Type of Payment Permanent Fund Dividend
Date of Check 15th February 2024
Regulatory body Department of Revenue
Official website pfd.alaska.gov


Purpose of $1312 Stimulus Check 2024

For the residents of Alaska the revenue department has started $1312 stimulus checks 2024. This payment is issued for those who are struggling financially and are unable to manage their cost of living. The payment will bring financial stability in these people’s lives in these challenging times. People can receive these payments if they have already applied for them. For the year 2024 the window for application for Permanent Fund Dividend is going to be open till 31st March 2024.

To receive this payment of $1312 new Stimulus check from the government you need to apply with proper details and documents. You can be only eligible for this payment if you are a permanent resident of Alaska province and have no criminal conviction till the time of qualification. The fundamental purpose of this payment is to provide financial relief to Alaskan people. You will be able to use this payment for the betterment of your life after you are eligible to receive this.

Who is Eligible for $1312 New Stimulus Checks?

If you wish to receive this Permanent Fund Dividend Payment of $1312 you need to know the full eligibility criterias. If you fulfil the criterias we have mentioned below then you are eligible to receive this payment. Check all the conditions for eligibility below.

  1. You must qualify for the PFD program 2024.
  2. You need to be a permanent resident of Alaska province.
  3. You mustn’t be receiving any Stimulus checks before you apply for PDF.
  4. You should not possess any sort of criminal conviction.

Deadline to apply for $1312 New Stimulus Checks

If due to some unforeseen reasons you were not able to apply for this payment, here is your chance given to you by the department of revenue. You can apply for the $1312 Stimulus check before the deadline to receive this payment check. If you are fresh applicant then for you the application window opens on 1st January 2024, and last date to apply is 31st March 2024.

In case you are 2023 applicant and is eligible to receive this payment but still waiting for it till 13th March 2024 then you will receive this payment on 21st March 2024. Only eligible people will receive this payment on this date. So fill your application forms till the last date and receive your $1312 stimulus check payment on time. Also Check all the details regarding this payment on the official website. You will find all the updates there.

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