$2,254 OAS Payment Coming- Know Eligibility, Benefit Dates & Application Process in 2024

The Canadian government keeps introducing new schemes for its citizens. The schemes are aimed to benefit seniors and low and middle income families. One such scheme is the Old Age Security (OAS) pension plan for the elderly citizens. The plan aims to provide financial assistance to the senior citizens who have crossed the age of 65. If you are one such senior citizen, there is great news for you. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the flagship of the Canadian government is going to provide $2,254 per month additional assistance to the OAS beneficiaries. We suggest you to go through the article so that you do not miss out any important information regarding the expected $2254 per month additional assistance. Here in the article, you will be provided detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria, payment status, payment dates and application process of OAS $2,254/month direct deposit into your accounts.

OAS $2,254 Payment Coming

As we all know that in today’s times, having a comfortable life has become quite difficult for everyone irrespective of their gender and their age. But it is more difficult for the elderly citizens to manage a decent and comfortable life after retirement. Though the government provides pensions and other benefits, the amount paid through such channels is quite meager. The limited pension amount makes it difficult and burdensome for the seniors to afford medication, food, accommodation and clothing. They are the fundamental needs for anyone. They have to be met.

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In order to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by the small pension amounts, the $2,254 per month additional financial assistance is expected to be distributed among the senior citizens. The eligibility criteria, income status, application process and payment dates are expected to be same as of the OAS pension policy. The anticipation may come to an end by the end of April. Though as of now no official dates for the $2,254 per month have been revealed by any official channels, but the speculation has arose that the financial assistance may be distributed within some days along with the OAS pension amounts.

OAS $2,254 Payment Status Quick Details

Brief Overview OAS $2,254/Month
Official Agency CRA
Official Website Canada.ca
Beneficiary Group OAS pensioners
Maximum Amount $2,254
Expected Dates Releasing Soon

$2,254 OAS Payment Coming- Know Eligibility, Benefit Dates & Apply Process in 2024

Maximum OAS $2,254 Benefit Amounts 2024 

The payment status shows the income threshold for the additional assistance. The payment status will decide whether you will get the amounts or not. If your adjusted annual income is higher than the fixed threshold, you may get lesser amount of assistance. There is also some fixed income criteria, after reaching that you may not get any financial aid from the agency. The Old Age Security benefits estimator calculates the benefit amounts on the basis of your annual income, marital status, age and legal residency. You are advised to go on the official website provided to you above to check your estimated amounts. The table below will provide you a brief overview regarding your income status and its impact on the $2,254/month payments.

Your Age Factor Your Annual Income Estimated OAS Amount
Between 65 and 74 Less than $134,626 Up to 713
Between 75 and Above Less than $137,331 Up to $784

The amount under the OAS along with the expected $2,254 pension is a taxable income. You are supposed to pay recovery tax. And you may get Guaranteed Supplement Income along with the monthly aids.

Are You Eligible for OAS $2,254 Payment? 

We have already informed you that the eligibility criteria are going to be the same as of the OAS pension plan. You have to follow the same mandated standard of eligibility to get much anticipated $2,254/month. For that the most important standard is your age that has to be above 65. Though you may delay getting the benefits, you cannot start earlier than 65. You need to have a social security number registered by the government agency. You must be a Canadian resident of tax purpose. If you are an immigrant, the rules might be quite similar. For other details regarding the immigration aspect, please approach the officers concerned.

  • Must have social security number
  • Must be a legal Canadian resident
  • Must be above the age of 65
  • Must have lived in Canada for certain years after turning 18 ( this scenario may be different for immigrants)

OAS $2,254 Payment Dates 2024

As of now, no official dates have been announced by the agency in recent times. The speculations are high that the $2,254 per month might be disbursed by the end of this month along with your OAS pension amount. The expected benefits will directly be deposited into your bank account. Therefore, you need not to look for other channels to get the benefits.

How to Apply for $2,254 OAS Payment 2024 

  • The benefit recipient can apply both online and offline. For offline application, he or she has to visit nearest office of concerned agency. The agency will guide you for offline application.
  • For the online application, you need to go to the official website of My Service Canada Account (MSCA). In the browse option, login to the channel and provide the fore said details correctly. Once your application is done, you will get a confirmation email from the official sources within 120 days.
  • We hope that you appreciate our sincere efforts that we make to deliver you the most authentic content. As of now, no official confirmation is disclosed. The dates are expected to be released soon. The information regarding the OAS $2,254 Payment, Payment Status, Eligibility Criteria, Payment Dates and Application Process is updated and authentic.
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