GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors- Check Your Eligibility & Payment Amount with Latest Updates

The CRA under the flagship of Canadian government has launched the Guaranteed Income Supplement plan for the elderly to get a better post retirement life. The plan is to make the life of senior citizens easier by providing them supplement income on the basis of their annual revenue threshold. If you are getting Old Age Security pension (OAS), the GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors will increase your incomes.

It is the additional amount to OAS paid to the senior citizens above the age group of 65. If you are already 65 years old, and if you are looking for supplement income through GIS quota, we recommend you to get in touch with officers concerned, as you have missed the chance to get registered under the GIS program because of exceeding age. We will inform you about the payment amount for different income thresholds, eligibility criteria, and applicable age for the benefits. Make sure to go through the article with caution; do not miss any important update regarding your GIS payment amount status 2024.

Note- please for the official confirmation of the GIS Allowance visit the website of the CRA. 

GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors Coming

Before anything else, just know whether you can get the benefits or not. The age limit is 64 for you to apply. If your age is between 60 to 64, just hurry up and grab the opportunity to avail the benefits. You must be citizens of Canada. And in your life span, you must have contributed some monetary value in the economy; you will be eligible for the benefits.

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The GIS is additional assistance that is being paid along with the OAS. The low income OAS pensioners will be qualified for the additional GIS benefits. It is paid every month in 12 equal installments. The amount you receive will be decided on the basis of your yearly income. The increase in the payments is made keeping in the mind the consumer price index. If the inflation decreases, the payment amount will not be reduced. You can get maximum $1,354 depending on your, if married, on both of you and your partner’s income.

Brief Overview Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
Agency CRA
Official Website
Beneficiary Group Seniors above 65 years of age
The Maximum benefits $1,354
Income Threshold For single, widowed, divorced-$21,624


For married- max $51,840

GIS Allowance for Seniors Payment Amount

The payment amount differs on basis of your income factor. If you are single, widowed or divorced, the annual income should not cross the $21,624 threshold. If your income plus your spouse’s income is $28,560, and you receive full OAS pension, your GIS allowance will not affected. If your income with your partner is $39,984, you will still get the allowance. If your income included with your partner is $51,840, you are not qualified for the GIS allowance and OAS pension. The allowance is subject to change in case of inflation rise. The data published by consumer price index is the main factor that influences the increase in the GIS allowance. It should be informed that the allowances cannot be reduced. Therefore, if you are getting lesser amount of allowances, you should report to the officials. The person is qualified for the amount in given below scenarios.

Status Annual income threshold Maximum GIS payment Amount
If Single/ divorced/ widowed Not more than $21,624 Up to $ 1,065
If Partner receiving full OAS pension Not more than $28,560 (including with the partner) Up to $641
If Partner receiving GIS allowance Not more than $39,984 (combined annual income ) Up to $641
If Partner receiving no OAS pension and GIS allowance Not more than $51,840 (combined yearly income of the couple) Up to $1,065

Eligibility GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors

The eligibility criteria differ for different income groups. The above mentioned table has provided you enough information about the income limit and applicability on the basis of that. There are several conditions that must be fulfilled in order to avail the benefits.

  • You must be a citizen of Canada
  • Your age must be in the age group of 60-64. After completing the age of 65, you will be not eligible for the application.
  • You will get the benefits after turning 65
  • If you are a sponsored immigrant, and you have spent less than 10 years of your life in Canada after turning 18. You are not qualified for the benefits of GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors
  • In case your sponsor has gone through personal bankruptcy or dies or imprisoned or is convict of abuse, you will get the Guaranteed Income Supplement Benefits in 2024. The GIS allowance will be distributed to you in such scenarios.
  • If you are not a sponsored immigrant, you will get the GIS allowance along with the OAS pension, if you are getting any OAS pension.
  • You must have filed your taxes on time in the previous years to get the GIS allowance
  • You must hold a social insurance identity

Your GIS allowance is revised every four months. The consumer price index reflects the increase in your GIS allowance.

Fact Check for GIS Allowance in 2024

  • We have made the most sincere efforts to provide you the GIS allowance and payment amount 2024 details in as much accurate form as feasible. The payment amount is subject to increase on the basis of income and OAS pension limits. Also the consumer price index report impacts the GIS Allowance for Canadian Seniors 2024.
  • For further details regarding GIS allowance 2024 and payment amount, go and check the official website of the CRA. Further details can be traced from the official website of the benefit issuer.
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