Canada First Home Saving Account- Who is Eligible & How To Open FHSA Account in 2024 ?

Canada First Home Savings Account is a registered plan. It will permit you to buy your first home, if you are a first time buyer. It means that the plan allows you to save to buy or build your first home tax free to certain limits. In order to avail the benefits under the scheme,

you should first open Canada First Home Saving Account under the scheme. But before that, you should know that how you invest or transfer property in the FHSA. So, go through the whole article to know the maximum transfer you can make and how open the FHSA account in 2024.

Note-you can check out the official website of the CRA for further details about the Canada first home saving account. 

Canada First Home Saving Account

FHSA allows you to buy your first home tax free as we have already discussed above. Now you must know how you can make transfers to the FHSA. Either you can make direct transfers to your FHSA or can add your FHSA to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSPs). To avail immediate tax reductions to your FHSA, the transfer of property from your RRSPs to your FHSA should not surpass the limit of Unused FHSA participation room.

Canada Disability Benefit 2024

$7,500 Home Renovation Credit

OAS $1,100+$400 Direct Deposit 2024

There is no maximum limit of transfer to your FHSA. You can transfer as much as you want to your FHSA. But the transfer from your RRSP to your FHSA will reduce your unused FHSA participation room. Direct transfers from RRSPs to FHSAs do not restore unused participation room of the plan or account.

 Transfer Property to Your FHSA- How does It Benefit?

The applicant or recipient can make transfers to their FHSAs through many ways. They can make the transfers by direct to the FHSA. Either they can go for their RRSPs to make the transfer or the applicant can transfer through his/her spouse or common law partner’s RRSP.

Brief Overview First Home Savings Account Plan
Agency CRA
Beneficiary group First Time House Buyers
Type of Benefit Direct Tax Exemption
Age factor Between 19 and 71 years

Canada First Home Saving Account- Who is Eligible & How To Open FHSA Account in 2024 ?

Direct Transfer to the FHSA

The transfer will happen between the beneficiary and the financial institution concerned. The Financial Institution will keep the record of your transfer and will provide you confirmation details once you are registered. You can not withdraw the amount by yourself and use it for other account or plan. That type of withdrawal will not be tax exempted

Transfer the Property from Your RRSP to Your FHSA

You cannot directly transfer from your RRSP to your FHSA. The Financial Institutions concerned will make the transfer for you. You just have to fill out the form available on the CRA’S official website under the FHSA scheme. Any direct transfer from your RRSP to your FHSA by your end will reduce the unused FHSA participation room.

Transfer Property from Your Spouse or common law partner’s RRSP to Your FHSA

If your spouse has not made any contributions from their RRSP in the current year or the previous two years, you are eligible to make transfer from your spouse’s RRSP. Any direct transfer from your partner’s RRSP to FHSA will reduce either your or your partner’s unused RRSP deduction room.

Canada First Home Saving Account Eligibility Criteria

If you are an eligible candidate for opening the account, you should visit the issuer already mentioned above, to give you specific information that you need. If you hold all the valid documents, you can get yourself registered. The documents may vary in different scenarios. But it will remain same for almost all the Canadian residents. You should be qualifying candidate. The qualifications for the candidature are as such-

You are a resident of Canada.

Means you have residential ties with Canada. You should own a property in the country. Either you or your partner is a valid tax payer. You may have dependants in Canada. You must have economic ties with Canada. If you become non residential of Canada, you can keep contributing to the account. But you cannot withdraw the sum.

You must be above 18 to avail the benefits*.

*the age can also be 19 in certain provinces.

  • You must be younger than 71 by December of the year you open your FHSA.
  • You should not own any qualifying house.

Any qualifying home includes any accommodation that you own. Except the share accommodation that is for tenancy purposes.

  • You cannot live in a house you jointly own with you family or partner. You have no possession of any type of personal accommodation.

We make utmost efforts to deliver the authentic and relevant information. The details provided above are updated as per the month of April. For more information, visit the official website of CRA. Before applying for the FHSA, make sure that you are eligible. If you are out of eligibility criteria, your registration will immediately be revoked.

How to Open FHSA Account in 2024?

First of all you need to meet the predetermined criteria for registration. Then the issuer ( A bank, a trust or insurance company or credit union) will hand you out the form to get yourself registered. The issuer will advise you about the qualified investments that suit you and your investments limits. You must have these prescribed documents with you to get registered-

  • You must have a social insurance card to open Canada First Home Saving Account.
  • You should have a supporting document for the date of Birth.
  • Any other document the issuer must need to ensure that you are a qualifying individual.
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