Canada Disability Benefit 2024: Who is Eligible For Disability Benefit? Know Income and Payment Dates

Eligibility, New Benefits & Income details about the Canada Disability Benefit are important for Senior Citizens to know. As You Know the CDB Act came into effect in Canada on June 22, 2023. This is a historical benefit on par with the creation of the Canada Pension Plan and Medical Care, both introduced in 1965. we will  summaries what is known and what may be assumed about the Canada Disability Benefit  2024 (CDB) in this post.

Canada Disability Benefit 2024 

Even though the CDB is now legally required in Canada, not much is known about it. The regulations, which are being developed over the next year, will specify the specifics of the benefit. Information about the Canada Disability Benefit benefit’s amount, eligibility, application process, and start date has yet to be made available.


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What we know comes from remarks made by Liberal government members outlining their plans for the CDB. The Canada Disability Benefit, which is modeled after the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), is a federal income supplement program for working-age individuals with impairments, according to its description.

canada disability benefit 2024

 What is Canada Disability Benefit Eligibility ?

We already know the following individuals will be eligible for the Canada Disability Benefit as of August 29, 2023:

  • You have to be a Canadian adult worker.
  • It would help if you were unable to work because of a disability. 
  • You have to make less money than a specific quantity. 

Beyond this, we currently need answers. The enacted legislation is quite vague. However, I am able to make assumptions based on government comments and data from the Canada Disability Act.

Required Age 

The Act specifies that those of “working age” will be eligible for this compensation. I believe that the working age range is probably 18–64. The purpose of this benefit is to bridge the age difference that separates a person’s eligibility for child benefits (age 18) from the Old Age Security (OAS) pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (age 65).

Disability Criteria

  • The kind or severity of disability required to be eligible for the CDB is unknown to us. But it may have something to do with not being able to work. Thus, I anticipate that the CBD will resemble the CPP disability benefits’ “serious and prolonged” definition of impairment. This amount is available to anybody with a condition or handicap that limits or prohibits them from working at all.
  • According to the Canada Disability Benefit Act, the following definition of disability will be equal to that included in the Accessible Canada Act:
  • The term “disability” refers to “any impairment, including a physical, mental, related to brain, intellectual, cognitive, learning to read & write, communication, or sensory impairment— or a functional limitation— that, in combination with a barrier, prevents a person from fully and equally participating in society, whether the impairment is evident or not, permanent, temporary, or episodic in nature.”
  • This term could be clearer. So, additional criteria will accompany that definition. Nevertheless, this definition may be used.

 How Income is Calculated For Canada Disability Benefit 2024 ?

The language of the Act and the remarks made by government representatives lead us to believe that the Canada Disability Benefit will have requirements related to your family’s income. The CBD Act mandates that the Governor in Council takes into consideration the “Official Poverty Line as defined in section 2 of the Poverty Reduction Act.”

This implies that a person’s household income must be less than the Official Poverty Line in order for them to qualify. While researching this topic, locating the official poverty line proved to be a significant problem. However, if the advantage is subject to the same income restrictions as the GIS, you must be single, divorced, or widowed in 2023 if your income is less than $21,168. Furthermore, if you are married or in a common-law relationship, both of your wages must be less than the following:

  • $27,984 if your spouse or common-law partner receives the full OAS pension
  • $50,736 if your spouse or common-law partner does not receive an OAS pension
  • $39,168 if your spouse or common-law partner receives the Allowance

How much new Canada Disability Benefit cost?

  • As of right now, we are still determining the CDB’s payment amount. The CDB will resemble the Guaranteed Income Supplement, according to the federal government and former Employment, Workforce Development, and Disability Inclusion Minister Carla Qualtrough. Based on your relationship status and income level, the GIS provides a set monthly benefit amount. A single individual in 2023 making less than $20,952 a month, for instance, would be eligible for a maximum $1,032 monthly GIS payment.
  • The amount you receive, if you have a spouse varies based on their salary and if they receive the GIS and OAS pension. The CDB should operate in a manner similar to this. It will take into account your income as well as your spouse’s income. The payments made will match those made by the GIS. In the event that it adheres to the GIS, you could be eligible for the CDB if your spouse’s income is below $50,000 and they are not receiving an OAS pension.

It’s also crucial to remember that the Governor in Council is required by the CDB Act to examine the following five factors when establishing rules regarding the benefit’s amount:

 (a) Section 2 of the Poverty Reduction Act defines the Official Poverty Line;

(b) Other factors include the additional costs of living with a disability; 

(c) the difficulties in earning a living through work for those with disabilities; 

(d) the intersectional needs of disadvantaged individuals and groups; and 

(e) Canada’s international human rights obligations.

How can you apply for Canada Disability Benefit 2024 ?

How can you submit a CDB application? Like the CPP disability program, we anticipate that Service Canada will handle the administration of this benefit. The administration needs a time frame for starting the CDB program. They are required to provide progress reports to Parliament in June 2024 and December 2023. According to the official people’s expectations, the initiative will be operational by January 2025. However, I wouldn’t wager on that. The initiative may not commence until later, in 2025 or 2026.

Are insurance companies able to reclaim the CDB ?

  • Before it received Royal Assent, the Senate tried to amend the CDB Bill in order to prevent insurance companies and other benefit providers from reclaiming the benefit. Although it was not included in the Bill’s passing, insurance companies and other providers can still offset benefits. The amendment was voted down.
  • So, what does all this imply? In other words, if the federal government does not make this modification, insurance companies and other provincial disability benefit programs may be able to withhold a person’s disability insurance’s $500 monthly CDB payment. The insurance company or municipal program may then cut your long-term impairment benefit by $500 per month.
  • I genuinely pray and hope that this doesn’t happen since it would defeat the purpose of the Act, which is to assist those with disabilities in escaping poverty. We’ll have to wait and see, though.
  • Senator Marilou McPhedran stated to Global News that “insurance companies are getting richer and poor people with disabilities are getting poorer” if the Senate amendment is rejected.

What is the start date for new Canada Disability Benefit?

  • Bill C-22 received royal assent on June 22, 2023. It still needs to be legally binding. Instead, once the Cabinet publishes a proclamation designating it as such, the Bill is still in force. The best news is that the CBD Act will go into force on June 22, 2024, unless the Cabinet passes it within a year.
  • The Bill’s regulations need to have approval by the Cabinet within a year of the Act’s enactment in order for the Canada Disability Benefit to begin. Even with the one-year deadline, officials have acknowledged that it will take at least 18 months to establish the CDB program. Therefore, the earliest date someone may receive a CDB cheque Earlier. Still, it’ll take much longer to start the Canada Disability Benefit 2024. 
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  1. Why are liberals refusing to give DERB in the meantime? All disabled will be homeless by the time we get any money

  2. Absolutely ridiculous am I reading this right $2400 a year a year so divided by 12=$200 that’s supposed to get me out of poverty.
    I thought this was going through by June 2024 as they had one year from Royal Assent being passed unreal.
    This country is in shambles giving money to anyone who seems to come here or a countries that put their hands out ok great but please look after your own first.
    It’s not my fault I worked most of my life got I’ll lost our forever home I get just over and I mean just over $1000 a month how in the heck can you say this is ok when people get more on social assistance these day’s.
    From a mortgage of $856 to rent of $1400 by the time we pay bills and buy food and maybe have something to enjoy for ourselves we have nothing left.
    Plus being on CPPD do I now have to apply for the Disability Tax Credit to even qualify this is not cool.

    • The wait for this is ridiculous, I would hope they will pay out arrears back to the date of royal ascent. Sadly, those with the most obstacles appear to be left behind again.


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