OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Coming: Know Eligibility, Payment Dates & Application Status

The government provides Old Age Security to the elderly ones in Canada. The OAS is provided to those who have crossed the age of 65. Other type of increments is also made to the OAS 2024.  The government has recently increased the OAS by 10% for those who have crossed the age of 75 such as OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024.

Apart from that, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is expected to launch additional financial assistance of $1,635 for the elderly citizens. Therefore, you are advised to keep up with the article to get the latest information about OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Coming its Eligibility, Payment Dates & Application Status.

Note- for the confirmation of the OAS $1635 Additional amount, you can check out the official website of the CRA. 

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024

An official survey suggests that around 27% Canadian senior citizens are living in poverty. Every day they struggle to make their both ends meet. Lack of financial aid, makes them dependent on their family members. They lose their self confidence and esteem. In order to provide them social security, the agency has launched an additional assistance of $1,635 every month. You will be benefited with the additional assistance of $1,635 a month if you are getting full or partial pension under OAS 2024. There are not any specific eligibility criteria for it. Most importantly, if you are working, your income threshold will not make any issues on the condition that you are getting OAS pension.

CRA Benefits May 2024 Dates

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CPP Payment Dates May 2024

This assistance will reduce their burden. It will also give a sense of security in the old age. For whole their lives, they have worked hard to make the nation what it is today. Now they deserve this credit in the form of financial assistance. As of now, no official confirmation has come from the agency. But the sources are speculating that the government might provide additional assistance to OAS pensioners.

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Coming : Overview

Brief Overview Expected Additional OAS Assistance of $1,635
Official Agency CRA
Beneficiary Group Senior Citizens Above 65 Years of Age
Official Website Canada. Ca
Payment Status Awaiting

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Coming : Know Eligibility, Payment Dates & Application Status

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount Status 2024

Here to inform you that your income status will not be determining factor in deciding your OAS pension. There is some fixed income threshold for it. You have to be 65 years old. You will receive your first installment of OAS in the first month of the 65th year. Or you can also choose any date of your choice to get your pension started. For the additional assistance, you do not need to follow any formal process. The OAS pension will be supplemented automatically.

Age Group Maximum OAS Pension Income Threshold
Between 65 and 74 Up to $713 Less than $134,626
Between 75 and Above Up to $784 Less than $137,331

You can get up to $2,420 monthly including your OAS pension and $1,635 additional support. You can wait for further confirmation of dates from the official sources.

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Eligibility Standards

The eligibility for the extra assistance is not separate from that of the OAS’s. The eligibility criteria for both the OAS pension and $1,635 support are similar. You just need to be 65 years of age. And follow the guidelines provided by the agency

  • You must be a Canadian resident (there are other aspects to follow if you are not a Canadian resident)
  • You must be older than 65 to get the benefits
  • You must have social security number
  • You must be having full or partial OAS pension under CPP
  • Income threshold prescribed by the government agency (visit the official website for further information)

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Application Process 

You do not need to apply for it. The OAS beneficiaries will be directly benefited. The amount will directly be transferred into their accounts. If the recipient is not getting any OAS pension, once he or she crosses the mentioned age criteria, the agency will automatically register them for the expected $1,635 additional financial assistance. You make sure that you have updated your OAS application status. If not, contact the officers concerned, they will clear your doubts regarding application process for OAS $1,635 Additional Amount.

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount Reality Checks

Beware of the misinformation. There is not any official update from the government channel. There is only speculation of it. The sources are making claims that cannot be supported by any authentic information. The dates are expected to be released soon. But as of now, no scheduled dates are updated on the official website. For further details, keep up with us. We will update you as soon as any official confirmation is released.

OAS $1,635 Additional Amount Payment Dates 2024

  • The dates are expected to be released soon. You might expect them in the month of June. But there might be delay in the schedule. I advise you to keep confirming from official sources released by the CRA on its website.
  • I hope that you appreciate my efforts that we make in delivering you the most authentic updates on OAS $1,635 Additional Amount 2024 Coming its Eligibility Standards, Payment Dates & Application Status  The information regarding OAS $1,635 Additional Amount; Eligibility, Dates, Application and Payments dates is reliable as of now.
  • You will be updated soon if any changes occur. Do not get stressed out, your additional deposits will be directly transferred into your bank accounts, once it is released.
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