CRA Benefits June 2024: Know Eligibility, Payment Dates and Annual Schedule For Different CRA Payments

CRA keeps launching new schemes on day to day basis to benefit its senior citizens, working citizens and children apart from various social groups. The CRA June Benefits 2024 payment dates have been on the CRA’s official website. We will inform you of the various CRA’s schemes

such as CCB (Canada Child Benefit), GST/HST Credit (Goods and Services Tax/ Harmonized Sales Tax), ACWB (Advanced Canada Workers Benefit), CCR (Canada Carbon Rebate), OTB (Ontario Trillium Benefit) and ACFB (Alberto Child and Family Benefit). The CRA has updated the payment credit dates for the benefits. Therefore, keep up with the article to know the details of the updated CRA Benefits June 2024, Eligibility, Payment Dates and Annual Schedule For Different CRA Payments schedules.

Note- please check out the official website of the CRA for further details about the different CRA benefits and confirm it from the official sources. 

Different CRA Benefits June 2024

CCB– The citizen who lives with children under 18 years of age, is eligible for the CCB benefits. The person must be a citizen of Canada. He or she must be a resident of Canada for taxpaying purpose. The person should be primarily responsible for the caretaking of the child, only then he or she will be eligible for the benefits. In case of shared custody, the amount will be divided 50-50. Every July the payments are recalculated on the basis of adjusted net family income

GST/HST Credit– It is tax exempted scheme. You do not need to apply for it formally. Once you file your tax for T1, the official will automatically approach you, if you are qualified for the benefits. GST/HST Credit helps families to cope with rising inflation and support their family income with tax free benefits.

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ACWB– If you are single, and your income is more than $33,015, you are qualified for no benefits under ACWB. The maximum for a single person is $1,428. For the families the maximum benefits are $2,461. If family’s income surpasses $43,212, you are paid no basic amount of benefits.

CCR– You will get the CCR amount on the basis of the province you reside. For the rural provinces, the supplement is increased by 10% for base 2023 in June 2024. On the other hand, for the urban provinces, the supplement is increased by 20% for the base year 2023. The income threshold does not affect the payment criteria. Irrespective of income factor, the citizens will get Carbon Rebate.

ACFB– to cope with the inflation, the residents of Alberto will get payments for their children under the age of 18. The payment range depends on the income threshold and your taxpaying status and benefit returns.

OTB– Residents of Ontario will get property tax credits, energy credits and sales credits on the basis on their incomes. The payments will be reimbursed on the 10th of every month.

CRA Benefits Payment 2024 Overview

Article Name CRA Benefits June 2024
Agency Canada Revenue Agency
Category Finance
Benefit Month June 2024
Official Website

CRA Benefits April 2024 : Know Eligibility, Payment Dates and Annual Schedule For Different CRA Payments

CRA Benefits June 2024 Payment Amount

The CRA keeps updating for the schedule of payment dates of various plans it offers. The dates may vary in case of government holiday. Official reasons may also affect the scheduled dates. For the latest updates regarding June payment dates, be with us. We are providing you authentic information.

Schemes Beneficiary group Increased amount
CCB Between 0-18 years Max for less than 6- $7,437

Max for less than 6-18- $6,275

GST/HST Working tax payers On the basis of last year’s T1 tax receipt
ACWB Single earning less than $33,015

Family earning less than $43,212

Single maximum- $1,428

Family maximum- $2,461

CCR On the basis of province the beneficiary resides 10% increase for rural province

20 % for urban provinces

ACFB Alberto children between age group 0-18 Maximum for any group- $3,525
OTB Ontario residents Maximum for any age group-$1,194

The above overview table suggests you the maximum amount paid under respective schemes. The amount is subject to change depending on the government updates and income factor. You must be updated for the recent development in reimbursed amount. As of now the table above is accurate source of information.

CRA Benefits June 2024 Payment Dates

The dates are subject to change in case of official notice from the concerned website. The dates for the schemes are-

CCB Payment Dates 2024

  • January 19th 2024
  • February 20th 2024
  • March 20th 2024
  • April 19th 2024
  • May 17th 2024
  • June 20th 2024
  • July 19th 2024
  • August 20th 2024
  • September 20th 2024
  • October 18th 2024
  • November 20th 2024
  • December 13th 2024

 GST/HST Payment Dates

GST/HST-the amount is paid in four quarterly installments.

  • January 5th 2024
  • April 5th 2024
  • July 5th 2024
  • October 4th 2024

ACWB Payment Dates 2024

ACWB- The amount is paid in three installments. They are as such

  • January 12th 2024
  • July 12th 2024
  • October 11th 2024

CCR Payment Dates

CCR- Also known as climate action incentive payment. The dates are as such

  • January 15th 2024
  • April 15th 2024
  • July 15th 2024
  • October 15th 2024

ACFB Payment Dates

ACFB- The amount distributed in four equal installments

  • February 27th 2024
  • May 27th 2024
  • August 27th 2024
  • November 27th 2024

OTB Payment Dates

OTB- the payment is distributed in 12 equal amounts monthly.

  • January 10th 2024
  • February 9th 2024
  • March 8th 2024
  • April 10th 2024
  • May 10th 2024
  • June 10th 2024
  • July 10th 2024
  • August 9th 2024
  • September 10th 2024
  • October 10th 2024
  • November 8th 2024
  • December 10th 2024

All the dates mentioned above are subject to change. As of now you can rely on them. But for future updates, please go and visit CRA official website. The information provided to you is the most authentic. If you have any doubts regarding the CRA Benefits June 2024 its Eligibility, Payment Dates and Annual Schedule For Different CRA Payments, you can check specific site of aforesaid scheme. Before applying to any of these schemes, check the eligibility criteria.  If your payment is late on the dates, do not worry, just wait for additional 5 to 10 days. The payments will be transferred to your account.

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