OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024- Know Eligibility,Increased Amount,Application Process, Payment Dates & Status

In this article we will cover details about the OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024 & who qualifies for it. The Canadian government is about to launch a scheme to provide $1,115 additional financial assistance to its citizens. The seniors are about can get benefit from the scheme. The age criteria are fixed for the beneficiaries. If you are a prospective pension receiver, you are advised to go through this page.

All the relevant information regarding the OAS $1,115/month increase 2024 in the pension amount such as the eligibility criteria, payment dates, application process and income threshold discussed here in the article. Continue reading the article, you will get latest information about the scheme.

OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the patronage of the federal government is the sole provider of the benefits. The OAS amounts are distributed by the end of every month. Therefore, the $1,115 is also expected to be distributed by the end of April. The CRA will update the dates soon. By then, you should know the eligibility criteria and application process to get the benefits immediately. Before that, you must also know the income threshold to be eligible for the $1,115 increased amount per month.

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The purpose of the $1,115 benefits is to enable the senior citizens have a comfortable life. Because of meager sources after retirement, life gets tough for the seniors. The unbearable cost of living, accommodation and health care is kept in mind while introducing the benefit increase on monthly basis. The right to live a dignified life is also protected under the benefit payments. The seniors in some cases might burden their extended family unwillingly. To reduce that burden the increase in payments is needed. Though the criteria are kept lucid, you still should know your eligibility. Before knowing anything else just check the below mentioned overview table for brief details regarding the OAS $1,115 increase in payments-

OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024 Overview

Brief Overview OAS $1,115 Increased Payments
Official Agency Canada Revenue Agency
Category Government Aid
Origin Country Canada
Beneficiary Group Seniors Above the Age of 65
Expected Dates To be Releasing Soon
Official Website Canada.ca

OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024 : Know Eligibility,Increased Amount,Application Process, Payment Dates & Status

OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024 Payment Status

The payment status here represents the income criteria for the eligible seniors. The adjusted net family income of the senior must be under the specified standard. It should be at par with the net world annual income. If the income breaches the certain specified limit, you will not be qualified for the benefits of any type. In some cases, the higher income level also reduces the amount of benefits. Therefore, you are advised to file your tax returns carefully to provide authentic bureau of your annual income. In cases of immigrants and residents, the standard set by the CRA may differ. For that you should visit the official website of the agency. The table below represents the income status for the seniors aged between 65 and more-

Age Group Adjusted Net Income OAS Benefit Amount + Expected Increase
Between 65 to74 $134,626 or less than Up to $713+ $1,115
75 and Above $137,331 or less than Up to $784+ $1,115

The income determining base year is 2022. And the pension amounts of OAS are revised once in every three months. The revision takes place on the basis of report published by the Consumer Price Index. It is updated according to the rising cost of living and inflation rates.

Who is Eligible For OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024?

The OAS pension and its additional payments are paid in two ways. The one way is full pension amount and the other way is partial pension amount. The eligibility criteria are different for both of the ways. In the article you will get the information for the Canadian residents. If you are an immigrant, the case might differ. For that visit the official website in that scenario.

*To get full pension

  • You must have lived in Canada for more than 10 years but less than 40 years after turning 18 years old
  • You must have a social security number
  • You must have legal Canadian residency

*To get partial pension

  • You must have in Canada for at least 10 years after turning 18 years old
  • You must have a social security number
  • You must have legal Canadian residency

OAS $1,115 Monthly Increase Payment Dates 2024

You may be waiting for the dates to be announced. But as of now there is no official update from the agency regarding the dates. As soon as the scheduled dates for the $1,115 increase are released, we will update you about the same. Beware of the false claims that some sources might be making regarding the official announcement. The speculations are high for the increase but no update is proposed yet.

How to Apply for OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024 

  • If you are getting your OAS pension on monthly, then you do not need to follow any formal process of application. The increased amount will directly be transferred into your bank accounts along with the OAS pension amounts. If you have started getting the pension yet, you need to file your application form available online and offline too. Visit the nearby office of the issuer for the offline registration. And login online to the My Service Canada Account website and provide the aforesaid details to complete the registration.
  • So OAS Pensioners as of now can wait for the OAS $1,115/Month Increase 2024; Payment Status, Eligibility Criteria, Payment Dates and Application Process. Also Do not panic, the dates will be announced soon for the same. For More  details you can have eye on the CRA Official portal . For Latest updates on OAS $1,115 Payment we will update important updates here as well.
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