OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Releasing- Check Eligibility, Application Process, Status & Payment Dates

There might be a good news for OAS pension receivers as OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Releasing soon. The Canadian government is planning to introduce another OAS $1,235 monthly payment for the citizens. The amount will be type of additional financial assistance for the low and middle income families and citizens. It is designed to target the senior citizens who have retired from the active employment. The little amount provided through the OAS pension will be doubled after the $1,235 monthly assistance. To get the detailed information regarding the OAS $1,235 income booster, continue reading the article.

OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Releasing

The inflation is rising consistently. The pandemic in the previous hits the economy badly. That is why it is important for the citizens to get benefited by the government plans. The life turns upside down once you retired from the work. Either you have to make prudent investment plans or you should be aware of the beneficial schemes that the federal government provides. One such scheme is the $1,235 aid per month to lessen the financial burdens of the citizens.

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A source says that almost 25% of the senior population is living life under impoverished conditions. The financial burden because of lack of funds is the major cause of stress in the senior citizens. The lack of better health care facilities is also taking the citizens on the verge of disaster. The accommodation rates are rising like a wild fire in recent times. Healthy food options are getting limited day by day. Given all such bleak scenarios, the OAS $1,235 will be proved a savior. Though the dates are not released yet, the speculations are high that notice may be issued by the end of this month. Before knowing the further details, just go through the below mentioned table to get the overview of the $1,235 monthly income booster.

OAS $1,235 Payment 2024 Overview

Brief Overview OAS $1,235 Income Booster
Official Agency Canada Revenue Agency
Official Website Canada.ca
Origin Country Canada
Maximum Booster $1,235
Expected Dates To be Released Soon

OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Releasing - Check Eligibility, Application Process, Payment Status & Dates

OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Payment Status

OAS reimbursements are part of OAS recovery tax. It is often called the claw back. It means that the higher income earning pensioners have to reimburse a part of their pensions. The beneficiary cannot obtain the pension amount before he or she turns 65. But they can wait as long as they wish. The wait in obtaining the pension amount will help the seniors get more reimbursement. The OAS payment is subject to recovery tax depending on the situation. The maximum and minimum claw back for the beneficiaries is $148,179 and $86,912. The claw back for the citizens above 75 years of age is $142,609.

Age group Income limits OAS payment with $1,235
65 to 74 $86,912 or less than Up to $691
65 to 74 $148,179 or less than Up to $760
75 and above $142,609 or less than Depends on the scenario

The amount is subject to tax. If you are an immigrant and Quebec resident, we suggest you to go visit the official website of the agency. This payment is type of income booster which will be provided on monthly basis. The distributions of the same can be expected by the end of the month.

OAS $1,235 Payment 2024 Eligibility 

The eligibility criteria for the monthly income booster are the same as of the OAS pension plan. The standard criteria may differ if you are an immigrant and a Canadian resident living outside the country. Therefore, you are advised to visit the official channels. You must be 65 years old and others are as followed-

  • It is mandatory by law to stay in country for minimum of 10 years after you have turned 18 years old
  • The Canadian citizens who have worked for Canadian companies overseas and came back within the 6 six of the leaving the aforesaid company
  • The Canadian citizens living in other countries with which Canada have signed social security agreements

OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Application Process

  • If you are already getting your OAS pension amounts, you do not need to fill any formal application form. If you do not receive any OAS pension amount and want to get additional income booster, get yourself registered on My Service Canada Account (MSCA) and apply online. Once you are registered, you will get a confirmation email from the channel.
  • We hope that you appreciate our efforts and admire the quality of the content. No false claims have been made here in the article. All the information regarding OAS $1,235 Income Booster 2024 Payment Status, Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and Payment Dates is credible. You can surely rely on it.

 $1,235 Income Booster Payment Dates & Fact Check

As of now, there is not any formal confirmation regarding the $1,235 income booster plan. The dates are expected to be released soon on the website. You are advised to not be fooled by misleading claims that some sources might be making. We here on the platform will update you regarding the dates as soon as they are released. There is no information regarding the scheduled dates. Only the speculations are high. Though sources from the concerned department suggest that dates might be released soon, and the income booster will be distributed.


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