$943 Social Security Checks Approved – Know Eligibility, Payment Amount, Claim Status & Dates

In the recent efforts for Social Security beneficiaries, SSA will soon release the updated amounts with $943 social security checks arriving soon in the form of SSI Federal Payment Standard after a 3.2% increase in COLA in 2024.

This financial boost brings relief to recipients relying on Social Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as the maximum monthly amount for individuals see an increase. This article delves into the details of the upcoming $943 Social Security checks which can have impact on the well-being of countless beneficiaries throughout the US.

$943 Social Security Checks

Both SSI and SSDI payments play a vital role in supporting vulnerable populations and promoting economic stability. As per the recent news, $943 social security checks will soon be paid to the eligible people. It is basically SSI Federal Payment Standard amount which the person will get once he qualifies for the same.

Social Security checks are the regular payments issued by the United States government to eligible individuals. These payments serve as a crucial source of financial support for retirees, disabled individuals, and their dependents. The two primary types of Social Security checks are:

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  1. SSI (Supplemental Security Income): SSI provides financial assistance to low-income individuals who are aged 65 or older, blind, or disabled. It helps cover basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  2. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance): SSDI offers financial support to individuals who have a qualifying disability and have worked and paid Social Security taxes. It ensures that disabled workers receive income even if they are unable to continue working.

 What is SSI Federal Payment ?

  • SSI Federal Payment: This refers to the monthly cash benefit you receive from the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you qualify for SSI.
  • SSI Federal Payment Standard: This is the maximum monthly benefit amount set by the SSA for individuals and couples in the SSI program. It serves as a baseline and is adjusted annually to account for cost-of-living increases. In 2023, it was $ 914/month for individuals which has now been increased to $943 social security checks.

$943 Social Security Checks Approved ! When SSI SSDI $943 Social Security Check Arriving this month ?

$943 Social Security Checks : Overview

Name $943 social security checks
Country of Origin USA
Regulating body / Department SSA
Year 2024
Category Financial Aid
Objective Maintain the benefit income as per inflation.
Applicable persons Retirees, old age people, disabled people, people with limited income, their spouses, children, and survivors.
Age Limit 62+ years
Payment Amount (after 3.2% increase in COLA in 2024) $983 (for individuals)
Payment Mode Online (Direct Deposit)

Offline (Paper checks)

Payment Duration Every month
New Payment Starting Month May 2024 (expected)
Expected payment dates in April 1 May 2024

13 May 2024

20 May 2024

27 May 2024

Website https://www.ssa.gov/
Payment Calendar Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments – 2024/2025 (ssa.gov)
Benefits Comparison Social Security Changes – COLA Fact Sheet (ssa.gov)


Who is Eligible for $943 Social Security Checks ?

The eligibility criteria for receiving the $943 Social Security checks are as follows:

  1. Age: You must be 62 years of age or older to be eligible.
  2. Income and Resources: Your total income source including salaries, pensions, Social Security benefits, and other sources should be limited and must fall below a cap that the Social Security Administration (SSA) sets every year.
  3. Resources: Your assets—i.e., the things you own—must have a maximum total worth. Regarding the definition of a resource and its value thresholds, the SSA sets strict guidelines. In general, non-countable items include your house, vehicle, and everyday household goods. Specifically, individuals or couples should not have resources larger than a total of $2000 or $3000 respectively.
  4. Disability: If you are less than 62 years old, you can apply for $943 Social Security checks only in the case of disability.

 $943 Social Security Checks Payment Dates

The payment amount would be $943 Social security checks per month for individuals and $1415 per month for couples. These payment amounts are adjusted annually based on the cost-of-living increases that is applicable for all Social Security benefits.

Following are the expected month of payment for the $943 Social security checks.

Month  SSI Payment Date 2nd Wednesday (If birth date is between 1st– 10th) 3rd Wednesday (If birth date is between 11th – 20th) 4th Wednesday (If birth date is between 21st– 31st)
April 1-3-2024 13-3-2024 20-3-2024 27-3-2024
April 1-4-2024 10-4-2024 17-4-2024 24-4-2024
May 1-5-2024 8-5-2024 15-5-2024 22-5-2024
June 31-5-2024 12-6-2024 18-6-2024 26-6-2024
July 1-7-2024 10-7-2024 17-7-2024 24-7-2024
August 1-8-2024 14-8-2024 21-8-2024 28-8-2024
September 3-9-2024 11-9-2024 18-9-2024 25-9-2024
October 1-10-2024 9-10-2024 16-10-2024 23-10-2024
November 1-11-2024 13-11-2024 20-11-2024 27-11-2024
December 03-12-2024 11-12-2024 18-12-2024 24-12-2024


Primarily, the payment mode for $943 Social security checks will be online through direct deposit to the registered bank accounts. For the ones opting offline, paper checks will be mailed to their respective addresses.

How to apply and check the status for $943 Social Security Check ?

  • You can apply or check the status for $943 Social security checks online through my Social Security tool by logging in or creating the account. Then complete the application form by providing the required information and then submit.
  • You may apply or check offline by calling on the toll-free number 1-800-772-1213 during the weekdays or visit the local SSA office to apply by in-person.
  • To check the application status for $943 Social security checks, sign into my Social Security account. Which would provide the details like current claim location, servicing office location.
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