Canadian Dental Care Plan Registration 2024 Begins- Know Eligibility, Benefit Amount & Application Process

Three out of four Canadians visit dentist once a year. The overall dental health of Canadians is good. According to a survey, 84% of Canadians have access to dental clinics. But getting medical care is very expensive in Canada and one out of every three people does not have any dental health insurance plan. Therefore, the government has launched Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024 scheme to provide affordable dental care to its citizens. Let’s check the eligibility criteria, How to apply, services covered, and when one can visit oral health provider.

Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024

The Canadian Government has initiated Canadian Dental Care Plan 2024 to cover dental health in citizens. Before applying for the scheme and avail the benefits, you must know the criteria and eligibility for the plan. All the services are also covered extensively. Some other services are kept outside the domain of the plan CDCP. To get the benefits of the some preauthorized services, you should get prior permissions from the CDPC provider “Sun Life”.

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In provincial and territorial states, CDCP will spread the coverage policy through its affiliate “Sun Life”. The first batch of the beneficiaries can avail the benefits from May 2024. Any payment that is made prior the scheme launching will be made the government. All the benefits will be provided after its initiation in the month of May 2024.

Canada Dental Care Plan 2024 Covered Services

Overall dental care is covered under the CDCP. It is aimed at providing good oral health. The CDCP includes services

  • Periodontal services, such as scaling
  • Oral surgery services, such as extractions
  • Prosth-odontics services including complete dentures and removable dentures
  • Restorative services , such as fillings
  • Diagnostics services
  • Preventives services including sealants and fluoride

Apart from above mentioned services, the CDCP will also provide other services too. But to avail that services, pre-authorization will be compulsory for the recipient of the scheme. Pre-authorization is a given consent to the patient to avail other services too. The pre-authorization will commence from November 2024.

Canadian Dental Care Plan Registration 2024 Begins : Know Eligibility, Benefit Amount & Application Process

Who is Eligible For Canada Dental Care Plan 2024 ?

The Canadian citizens are eligible for the CDCP. The parents or the guardian of a child above 12 are eligible to avail the benefits under the scheme CDCP. The ones who have any health insurance policy covering dental care are not eligible for the scheme. That is applicable even if you have coverage through your family member or a parent. If your dental care is covered under any employment benefits and if you are a student, then covered by an organization, you are not eligible for the CDCP. You must also have filed tax returns in previous years. And most importantly, your income should not exceed $90,000 a year.

  • One should not have any dental insurance policy
  • Net income should not exceed the criteria of $90,000 a year (including you and your spouse)
  • You should be Canadian citizen to avail the opportunity

CDCP 2024 Benefit Amount 2024

The beneficiaries must have doubts regarding the coverage part. No worry for that. The article will let you know of all the information. The income range will also affect the CDCP coverage part. To avail the services, one should not have net income more than $90,000 a year. If the income exceeds the given criteria, you are ineligible for CDCP.

Income factor  Coverage policy under CDCP Bearable by the beneficiary 
less than $70,000 100% of fee will be borne by the government 0% bearable by the beneficiary
$70,000 to $79,999 60% of the total expenses borne by the government Remaining 40% by the patient
$80,000 to $89,999 40% of all the expenses by the government 60% by the patient
More than $90,000 0% fee coverage 100% by the patient

When can You Visit the Service Provider For CDCP 2024 ?

You will be eligible to visit the service provider as early as may 2024. The plan will start Benefiting the beneficiaries since may 2024. You should get yourself enrolled for a Welcome Package provided by the affiliate “Sun Life”. The Welcome Package includes Your member card provided by the CDCP authorities, Your coverage start date & Information about the CDCP.

Your coverage start date will be including the day you receive your application and the day you enroll yourself. Before visiting any CDCP provider, please make that you have your CDCP welcome package. Also check the provider is participating under the CDCP.

Canada Dental Care Plan Application Process & Dates 2024?

The eligibility is divided in various age groups, providing easier access to CDCP to the elderly citizens first. Beware, if you are 70 or above, the Personal application code for this age group is getting expired on 30th April 2024. If you have not received any personalized letter from Sun Life, then wait you may get your turn in May 2024. The criteria vary accordingly for various age groups

Age Groups  Application dates 
Age groups between 87 and above Started December 2023
Between 77 and 86 Started January 2024
Between 72 and 76 Started February 2024
Between 70 and 71 Started March 2024
Between 65 and 69 Starting May 2024
Adults with disability and credit tax return Starting June 2024
Under age of 18 Starting June 2024
Remaining Canadians Starting 2025


All the important regarding Canada Dental Care Plan 2024 is provided to here . It will be of handy to you if you are applying for the enrollment in CDCP. Make sure that you fulfill all the mandatory eligibility criteria before applying. You should not exceed the net income criteria mandated by the authorities for eligibility. for any kind of doubts & concerns , feel free to visit the official website of the Canadian government & nearest CDCP Center to Apply for Canada Dental Care Plan 2024 Registration & other important details.

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  1. I am 64 years old and on CPP disability and receive benefits from my ex husband’s work place. The benefits only cover $1500.00 of dental work per year. I know that with the problems that I have with my teeth will cost more than what the benefits will pay. I would not be surprised, if in the next couple of years that I will need to have my teeth extracted and have to have dentures. Will I qualify, if my plan doesn’t cover the whole amount of work that I will need on my teeth?


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