Facebook Settlement Amount Coming For All in May 2024- Know Payment Date & Claim Status?

Many Facebook users in the United States will receive payments in early 2024 from a $725 million class action privacy settlement against Facebook. In this article, we will discuss who is eligible for Settlement Amount, Facebook settlement payout date, how much each person can expect to receive, and how to check the status of your claim.

Facebook Settlement Amount 2024

In 2022, Facebook settled a class action lawsuit that accused the company of violating users’ privacy by tracking their internet activity even when they were logged out of Facebook. The lawsuit said this violated federal wiretapping and privacy laws. Facebook denied any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $725 million to settle the case.

The settlement was granted final approval by a federal court in California in October 2023. Now the claims process is underway, with payments to start in May 2024.

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Who is Eligible for the Facebook Settlement Amount?

To be eligible to receive money from the Facebook settlement claim, you must have:

  • Had a Facebook account for at least 6 hours between May 24, 2007 and December 22, 2022
  • Lived in the U.S. at the time you had a Facebook account

You do not need to have a Facebook account now or be a current user. Anyone who meets the above criteria can file a claim, even if you deleted your Facebook account years ago.

Facebook Settlement Amount Coming For Per Person in March 2024 ? Know Payment Date, Claim Status

When Will Settlement Payments Come ?

The settlement administrator expects to begin making payments in early May 2024. The federal court overseeing the case gave 90 days for payments to start after final approval of the settlement on October 10, 2023. That puts the projected Facebook settlement payout date for payments in the first week of May 2024.

Payments will be made according to the method selected on your claim form – via PayPal, Venmo, prepaid Mastercard, Zelle, direct deposit, or paper check sent to your address.

Facebook Settlement Amount May 2024 Overview

Settlement Amount for Facebook
Settlement Amount $725 million
Judgement Date October 10, 2023
Eligible Duration May 24, 2007 to December 22, 2022
Payment Date Expected in May 2024
Facebook settlement amount per person $30 average
official Portal Facebookuserprivacysettlement.com

How Much Will Each Person Get ?

The settlement administrator, Angeion, estimates that each valid claimant will receive an average payment of around $30. The exact amount each person receives will vary based on how long they had a Facebook account and how actively they used Facebook during the eligible period.

Those who used Facebook more actively for a longer period will likely receive larger payments than others. But every valid claimant will receive something. However, you can use Facebook settlement amount calculator to know about your exact claim amount.

As of August 2023, approximately 17 million valid claims had been filed. Not all claims will be valid, so the number of people receiving payments may be lower than that.

Filling Out the Facebook Settlement Claim Form

If you used Facebook in the United States anytime between May 2007 and December 2022, you may be eligible for a payment from the Facebook settlement website. Here’s a quick guide on how to submit your claim:

  1. Go to Facebook user privacy settlement.com for Facebook settlement login
  2. Click “Submit a Claim” for Facebook settlement claim
  3. Enter your name, email, phone number
  4. List when you used Facebook between 2007-2022
  5. Choose a payment method – PayPal, check, etc.
  6. Submit the claim and watch for a confirmation email

Be sure to give accurate info on the form to avoid any issues or delays with your claim being verified and approved. If your claim is initially denied, respond ASAP to any requests for additional details.

The deadline to submit a Facebook settlement claim is ending soon. But it’s recommended you file as soon as possible to get in line for payment.

Checking Your Claim Status

  • To check the Facebook settlement checks status, go to the settlement website at Facebookuserprivacysettlement.com. There you can enter your Facebook settlement claim ID number and other details to see if your claim is approved or denied.
  • As of late 2023, approximately 50,000 claims had been rejected, mostly due to incomplete information or suspected fraud. If your claim gets denied, you will have a short window to appeal or provide additional documentation.
  • It’s a good idea to check your Facebook settlement claim status periodically leading up to the May 2024 payment date. Be sure to check your email spam folder too for any notifications.
  • We hope this overview gives you useful information on the upcoming payments from the Facebook class action settlement. Millions of Facebook users will be receiving checks, so make sure your claim is filed and valid.
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21 thoughts on “Facebook Settlement Amount Coming For All in May 2024- Know Payment Date & Claim Status?”

    • I wonder if when we going to get our pay from Facebook thank you please send it to me you need my phone number

  1. It’s all one Big Lie! Someone walked away with all that money. The lawyers and judge got the payout. I filled out for the payout. I know I’m not getting a dime! Crooks took it all. Personally, I think it all was a scam to get my name and address.

    • Yea, I agree. I send a text to the company that supposed to issue the refunds. I asked who’s getting the interest on the $725 million on hold. Still haven’t got a reply.

  2. They say check status and give official website. Yet that site does not have a Check Status to click on. Seems Facebook is simply screwing with people.

    • Their website looks just like the one Tiktok had and i received my Tiktok settlement so i’m guessing the payments are just a little late

    • Whenever I have sent an email to the administrator, they usually always email me back within a day or two. They tell me that they are waiting to resolve the appeals that were filed.

  3. March 12, 2024

    Today my bank balance is still 0.00 haven’t received a dime let alone an email from them. I am disappointed 😞 filling out more information for nothing.

  4. I’ve been waiting for my settlement fund’s since last year and still haven’t received any updates on the Claim, plus I have sent various emails to the settlement email and all I get back is the same message. In top of the hassle I was scammed out of 500.00$ on Facebook when a hacker had access to my mom’s twin sisters fb page and literally conned me for $500.00 and I actually called law enforcement and reported it. Have I been compensated back? Hell no!!!!

  5. Facebook is a bunch of lames. Think of it like this 725 million dollars and only 17 million claims filed with 50000 already rejected, and all we get is a measely 30 fucking bucks that’s fucked up. 708 million for lawyers and judges.? For fucking real?

  6. As of today’s date, I is not gonna be no payout. All this just a sham! The big dogs walked away with the money and we all left with Nothing. I gave them idiots my full name and address just for them to steal my identity. Nothing safe anymore!

  7. Okay it’s March 31st 2024. They claim that the checks would be here January then January they claim February February they claim March now it’s fixing to be April 1st tomorrow and still no money. Something does not seem right I don’t understand what’s going on but I give up if they send it it’s sending they don’t need don’t it just a nice little $30 anyways the lawyers walked away with all the big money . I believe this is all these class section lawsuits before so the lawyers can make money and we get nothing for it and we’re the ones that have to pay the price because our data got breached in our stuff got put in other people’s names and screwed our credit up.

  8. Facebook has allowed Data breaches on my account for well over a decade and allowed “dick pics” to infiltrate Messenger and my photo albums on Facebook as well as manipulating my algorithms to allow scammers to invade my privacy so Cambridge Analytics can help an insurrectionist. I deserve compensation for other abuses of privacy as well.

  9. I am so tired of getting the same messages over and over again. That the payout is suppose to be in the early part of April. Still there is no payments. And far has the payment amount. Within filing out the claim. if u can prove that breached from facebook affected your information caused u to pay to clear up your identity. u suppose to be compensated for each claim. And far has the 30 dollar payout. Some people is only getting that amount. And some people should be getting more from the payouts. and I think Facebook should pay more than just 30 dollars. And I think is really messed up that the lawyers is getting the big payouts!! And we r only getting 30 dollars. That was my information that was leaked!! I been still trying to clear up my info from the dark web. Which it all started with Facebook breached.


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