IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 – Who is Eligible For SETC Tax Credit? Know Payment Amount & Claim Process

The aftereffects of the pandemic and the current economic instability have affected everyone worldwide. Amongst the earning classes, the self-employed people also took a major hit from this unstable economy as they faced financial challenges. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of tax regulations, the IRS’s Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC) for 2024 emerges as a vital incentive for them. Discover how this credit works, who qualifies, and the potential benefits. Whether you’re a freelancer, gig worker, or small business owner, understanding the IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 can make a significant difference in your financial landscape.

IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024

The Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC), administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), offers a valuable tax advantage to self-employed individuals to provide relief from the tax burden for those who work self-dependent. Eligible self-employed individuals can claim this credit based on specific qualifying expenses related to their business operations.

$248 Per Day Approved For April 2024

$2,400 Monthly Checks With Extra $200

$4,873 Social Security New payment

These expenses include costs such as health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and other business-related costs. To qualify for the SETC, self-employed individuals must meet the criteria and accurately report their expenses on their tax returns. It is advisable to seek guidance from a tax professional or consult official IRS guidelines to fully understand eligibility requirements and the process for claiming the credit.

The IRS SETC tax credit was primarily active during the pandemic time (i.e., COVID) for the self-employed. However, as per the latest buzz coming in the market, IRS will resume the SETC tax credit in 2024 with some changes as per the current landscape of the economics.

IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 Highlights

Name IRS SETC Tax Credit
Country of Origin USA
Applicable State All states of USA
Regulating Body IRS
Year 2024
Category Financial Aid
Objective Provide tax credits to self-employed.
Applicable persons Freelancers, small and medium business, gig workers, independent contractors etc.
Age Limit 19+ years
Expected Credit Amount $9400 (average)
Payment Mode Online (Direct Deposit)
Payment Duration One time
New Payment Starting Month May 2024 (expected)


IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 - Who is Eligible For SETC Tax Credit ? Know Payment Amount & Claim Process

IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria for IRS SETC tax credit in 2024:

  1. Residency: You should be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying resident alien.
  2. Applicable persons: You must fall into the category of self-employed individuals, which also includes sole proprietors, freelancers, independent contractors, and gig workers.
  3. Filing Requirement: You should have submitted a Schedule SE (IRS Form 1040) for the tax years 2019, 2020, or 2021.
  4. Positive Net Income: Your net income from self-employment, as reported on Schedule SE, must be in the positive range.
  5. Self-Employment Taxes: It’s essential that you have paid self-employment taxes on your earnings.
  6. Additional Conditions: In addition to the above, you must meet one of the following conditions:
  • You were diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • You were caring for someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

SETC Tax Credit Payment Mode & Dates

Primarily, the payment mode for IRS SETC tax credit is online with the amount coming through direct deposit from IRS. The refund is typically processed by the IRS within 3-6 weeks if filing the claim online. The amended returns may take longer as IRS may take some time to analyse and process the modifications.On an average, individuals who qualify for the SETC can expect to receive a refund of approximately $9,400.

  • For the 2020 tax year (May 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021), the SETC claim deadline is May 15, 2024.
  • For the 2021 tax year (May 1, 2021, to September 30, 2021), the deadline is May 15, 2025.

How  IRS SETC Tax Credit Calculated ?

The calculation of IRS SETC tax credit is based on the self-employed individual’s average daily self-employment income and number of days he/she were unable to work due to any medical or financial condition. The net earnings for the year are divided by 260 (the number of working days in a year). The IRS SETC tax credit can be up to the lesser of:

    • The qualified sick leave equivalent amount,
    • The qualified family leave equivalent amount, or
    • The self-employed individual’s tax liability.

IRS SETC Tax Credit 2024 Apply & Claim Process

To apply and claim for IRS SETC tax credit, you must first check the eligibility and the potential credit amount by using an estimator tool from the IRS website. You should then gather necessary documents like proof of qualified expenses and supporting documents and file IRS Form 7202 with their tax returns to claim the IRS SETC tax credit. Additionally, you should file Form 1040, Schedule SE, to report self-employment income. If you haven’t filed a Form 1040, Schedule SE, you must submit an amended tax return to claim the IRS SETC tax credit and send the completed application along with all required documents to the appropriate authorities.

To check the status, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Where’s My Refund?” tool in the IRS website.
  • Enter the details such as, Social Security Number (SSN), filing status, and the exact amount of your expected refund.

You may expect to see the status 24 hours after e-filing a current-year return, 3 or 4 days after e-filing a prior-year return and 4 weeks after filing offline.

Fact Check  : Although multiple sources are claiming that IRS. SETC tax credit will be applicable in 2024, the IRS is yet to make announcements. We would still recommend filing the tax claims and wait for the official announcements from IRS.

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