Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit: Who is Eligible and How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit? Know Settlement Status and Payment Dates

In the recent developments, a wave of concern has arisen within the beauty industry as Olaplex, a popular hair care brand, faces a legal battle of linking its products to alleged hair loss. Customers worldwide have reported adverse effects, prompting legal action and casting doubt on the safety of Olaplex’s products.

Despite Olaplex’s defence, Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit is gaining momentum and the lawsuit underscores the need for transparency and safety in the beauty industry. This article will provide all the details related with the lawsuit and how to join it, payment dates and settlement status. Stay tuned.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a renowned brand in the hair care industry, founded in 2014 by Dean Christal. The solution uses a unique bond-building technology to repair, protect, and strengthen all types of hair. Since the bonds within the hair used be damaged by various factors like chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental stressors, leading to weakened, brittle hair, so the product targeted on creating products that address and prevent damage to hair during chemical treatments, such as coloring and styling, and broken di-sulfide bonds within the hair structure.

The brand claims that its treatments protect hair from the inside out, restore damage, and significantly increase hair strength at the molecular level. The company has gained widespread recognition and popularity among hair professionals for its at-home treatments that protect and strengthen hair quality, as well as its salon-use products suitable for all hair types and textures.

While Olaplex has gained popularity for its purported benefits, recent concerns have surfaced regarding potential adverse effects, leading to Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit : Who is Eligible and How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit? Know Settlement Status and Payment Dates

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit refers to the scenario where customers lost their hair strands more than usual. The legal battle against haircare brand Olaplex was intensified way back in late 2022 to early 2023 when about twenty-eight women filed a lawsuit in a Californian district court. They alleged that by using Olaplex products, they experienced hair loss, blisters, and other adverse effects. These women claimed that the harmful chemicals in Olaplex products left their hair and scalps in a worse condition.

The case originated when the European Union banned some harmful ingredients called lilial and panthenol used by Olaplex in its hair-care products during its initial public offering (IPO) citing its toxicity. Around 28 women registered their concerns, linking the company’s products to bald spots, hair fall, and major issues. Investigations revealed that certain ingredients, including ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate, combined to form a carcinogenic compound harmful to the condition of hair.

The victims told that Olaplex’s products had caused adverse effects, such as leaving dry hair, brittle on hair strands, and frizzy and dull hair. Some even experienced extreme itchiness, rashes, yeast infections, bacterial infections, and depression. The victims collectively seek $75,000 in damages. Despite Olaplex’s defence, the aim of Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit points out the need for transparency and safety in the beauty industry.

Eligibility criteria for Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

  • The Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit is open for any individual who had used Olaplex hair treatment products in past and currently is experiencing hair damage and other symptoms.
  • Hair damage can include hair breakage, thinning, loss, dryness, brittleness, or discoloration.

If a person has faced any of these issues after using Olaplex products, you they are eligible to join the lawsuit and seek compensation. There are some documents which are also required to showcase the proof. These are:

  • Submitting the product container with the total amount used.
  • Providing medical reports that prove the adverse hair condition.
  • Having proof of residency and citizenship.
  • Include the bill/receipt (whether offline or online).
  • Attach photographs of the product and the hair issue.
  • If applicable, including a screenshot of messages or emails related to the issue.

How to join Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit?

There are few options to join the Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit:

  1. Submit a Claim Online: The victim can join the lawsuit by submitting a claim online. They should look for official channels or websites related to the lawsuit where they can provide information about their experience with Olaplex products and the damages they have suffered.
  2. Contact the Law Firm Representing the Victims: The victim can reach out to the law firm that is representing them in the lawsuit. They can guide the victims through the process and help in understanding their rights and process to exercise their options. They can express their interest in joining the lawsuit by filling out a contact form on the firm’s website or calling their toll-free number.
  3. Consult with a Lawyer: Before joining the lawsuit, it’s a better option to consult with a lawyer who specializes in consumer protection or product liability cases. They can assess the situation, advise the process on eligibility, and ensures the person understands the legal implications.

Payment dates for Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

Currently, both sides are carefully gathering evidence to support their respective claims in the Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit during the investigation period. It is expected that the case will go to trial in 2024, leaving customers and the haircare sector excitedly awaiting the outcome of this important legal dispute.

Settlement status for Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

Currently, Olaplex is denying the claims and emphasizing on the improved product and importance of using certain chemicals in their products. Meanwhile, the victim counts are also increasing who are facing hair issues. As the case is on the starting stage, so the settlement amount may increase to more than $75000 if victims experience fertility issues.

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