Social Security 2025 COLA Increase: Know Expected COLA Increase & Projected Benefits in Advance

for Four months have already passed from 2024. And it is high time we should discuss the Social Security 2025 COLA  Increase and other Projected Benefits. The Social security Administration has been making COLA (cost of living adjustments) in the social security payments and supplemental security income since 1975. Though there have been some months left in the year 2024, the SSA is projecting the increase rates for the COLA benefits. The aim of the COLA is to enable the social security income receivers, social security disability income beneficiaries, retirement pension holders and supplemental security income receivers to manage in rising inflation and sky rocketing cost of living prices.

Social Security 2025 COLA Increase

You may be wondering why the COLA changes happen every year and what is the base for these COLA changes in social security amounts? So the purpose of the social security COLA 2025 Social Security Increase & Other Projected Benefits is to provide the social security amount receivers with increased income on the basis of Consumer Price Index reports. The CPI report suggests SSA to make certain changes in the social security COLA amounts. If the inflation has increased from the past year in the current year, the SSA will increase the social security amounts accordingly. And if the inflation has decreased in the current year from the last year, the SSA will not decrease the social security amounts. They remain same in the case of inflation recede.

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The seniors need it the most. Because the rising prices of the consumption products reduce the availability of the income for the senior citizens who have reached the age of retirement. it is also advantageous tool for the persons who are unable to earn sufficient income due to various physical and mental reasons. You can get maximum $4873 from social security amounts for any category as of May 2024. This amount went through an increase in January 2024. In this year, the SSA made 3.2% increases in the social security amounts on the basis of CPI reports. But from the January 2025, this amount will be revised for the social security beneficiaries. COLA will increase the social security income that is why you must read the full article. It is going to inform you about the prospective changes in the COLA 2025 Social Security Increase & Other Projected Benefits.

COLA 2025 Social Security Increase Details

Title report COLA 2025 Social Security Increase & Other Projected Benefits
Official provider The Social Security Administration
Origin Country The United States of America USA
Category Increase in social security amounts COLA Benefits
Projected year 2025
Beneficiary group Social security amount beneficiaries
Increase dates 1st January 2025
Expected COLA increase 2.5%- 3% (as of Now)
Official website

Social Security 2025 COLA Increase: Know Expected COLA Increase & Projected Benefits in Advance

How to Calculate COLA 2025 Social Security Increase?

The SSA every year calculates the COLA social security on the basis of report suggested by the CPI. The CPI measures Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers income for the third quarter of the current year and compares it with the third quarter of the previous year. Then the changes in third quarter income of both the years will decide the upcoming years COLA increase. If there is no increase in the current year third quarter income, the COLA will not get affected, neither increase nor decrease.

The SSA cannot measure the COLA for 2025 in exact terms because the third quarter (July, August and September) of 2024 has yet to come. Therefore, no exact value can be determined as of now. Only the expected measures can suggest the increase for 2025. And the present data based on the previous year COLA growth and other economic factors, you can expect 2.5%- 3% increases in the COLA 2025 Social Security Increase & other projected Benefits.

How will the Previous Year COLA Increase Affect the COLA 2025 Social Security?

The COLA increase for 2024 was 3.2% implemented from January 1st 2024. For measuring the 2024 COLA amounts, the SSA took data from the third financial quarter of 2023 and 2022 respectively. The CPI suggested 291.91 for the 2022 third quarter readings of income. And the CPI readings for 2023 were 301.91. There was 3.2% increase in the CPI data from 2022 to 2023. Now the inflation rates are slowing down since the fourth quarter of 2023, therefore you can expect reduction in the inflation in the third quarter of 2024. The CPI readings for 2024 third quarter are expected to be around 310.95 to 312.89. It will eventually make an increase of 2.5% to 3% for the 2025 which is slated to begin from January 1st 2025.

Social Security 2025 COLA Increase Projected Benefits

The increase in COLA 2025 Social Security & Other Projected Benefits will take place on the above suggested data. You should review the below mentioned table to know how much you can possibly receive from 1st January 2025.

SSI Category  Present Benefits for SSI PER  month in 2024 SSI after COLA 2025
Essential Persons $472 $489 around
Eligible person $943 $972
Eligible couple $1,415 $1,458


The above benefit increase is subject to change as per the inflation rates in the third quarter of 2024. But you can expect the increase lump sum of the above mentioned data. From January 2025, you can expect to receive the varied supplemental security income as described above in the table.

You can now check your other social security Benefits & SSDI payment amounts for 2025 by applying around 2.7% increase in the current payment rates. I also advise you to wait till the completion of the 2024 third quarter for the exact data published by the CPI. If there will be no changes in the CPI data for 2024, you do not need to worry because your social security amounts will not be affected negatively. In that case the payment will remain the same.

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