$3,822 SSDI Payment Dates 2024: When Will You Get Increased SSDI Checks? Know Eligibility

As one of the foundations for social security benefits, the importance of SSDI payments cannot be further boasted enough, as they serve as crucial support for recipients, enabling them to cover basic expense needs and offering stability and assistance during times of hardship. Recently, the payment schedule for 2024 has been announced for SSDI with increased benefits up to $3822. This article will provide you with an overview of the$3,822 SSDI Payment Dates 2024, eligibility criteria, payment dates, and how to apply or track status go through this article.

$3,822 SSDI Payment Dates 2024

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program from US government which provides financial assistance and is designed to help individuals who have paid into the social security system through taxes and are unable to work due to a qualifying medical condition which is expected to last at least one year or till death. For many beneficiaries, SSDI payments project itself as not only financial support but also a sense of self-worth and secured future, allowing them to maintain an independent and quality life despite their shortcomings due to disabilities.

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With the increase in COLA by 3.2% in 2024, most beneficiaries would gain some increase in SSDI payments, depending on several criteria such as birth date, retirement age, salary contribution from their previous employment and number of years they have contributed. If the factors are taken into count with maximum retirement age as 67 years and at least 35 years of contribution, then experts predict that a person may claim a maximum SSDI amount of $3822, up from $3627 in 2023.

$3,822 SSDI Payment 2024 Overview

Name $3,822 SSDI Payment Date 2024
Country of Origin USA
Regulating body / Department SSA
Year 2024
Category Government Aid
Objective Support for disabled
Applicable persons Disabled people and their dependents
Age Limit 62+ years
Amount for senior couples $3822
Expected month of payment May 2024 to June 2024


$3,822 SSDI Payment Date 2024 : When Will You Get Increased SSDI Checks ? Track Status

Eligibility Criteria for $3,822 SSDI Payment 2024

  • Age:  You should be 62 years old or older.
  • Work Credits: You must have earned sufficient work credits throughout your employment history. Work credits are the points earned based on annual income, and the number of required credits depends on your age at the time you become disabled. It can reach to 40, with 20 of them earned in the past 10 years. The number of work credits required for eligibility is directly linked with the individual’s age at the beginning of disability.
  • Disability Status: A person must meet the SSA’s criteria for disability. According to the SSA, a person can be termed as disabled if they cannot perform a substantial gainful activity (SGA) due to a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition that is expected to last for at least 12 months or result in death.
  • Duration of Work: A person’s work history and the duration of their employment is considered for the SSDI payment. A person must have worked in social security-covered jobs with proper work credits.
  • Medical Evidence: A person is required to provide medical evidence that supports their claim of disability. This can include:
    • medical records
    • doctor’s reports
    • relevant documents that represent the severity of the disability.

$3,822 SSDI Payment Amount Benefits in 2024

Retirement age (2024) Maximum SSDI Benefits
62 USD 2,710
67 USD 3,822
70 USD 4,873

Payment mode for $3,822 SSDI Payment 2024

  • Direct deposit: The payment is directly deposited into a bank account.
  • Debit card: If one doesn’t have a bank account, then they can receive payment on a Direct Express debit card, which can be issued through SSA’s official website.
  • Paper check: If a person doesn’t have a bank account or a Direct Express debit card, then they can opt to receive payment by mail in the form of a paper check.

$3,822 SSDI Payment Dates 2024 Monthly Schedule

Month Birth Dates from 1st-10th Birth Dates 11th-20th Birth Dates from 21st-31st
January January 10, 2024 January 17, 2024 January 24, 2024
February February 14, 2024 February 21, 2024 February 28, 2024
March March 13, 2024 March 20, 2024 March 27, 2024
April April 10, 2024 April 17, 2024 April 24, 2024
May May 8, 2024 May 15, 2024 May 22, 2024
June June 12, 2024 June 18, 2024 June 26, 2024
July July 10, 2024 July 17, 2024 July 24, 2024
August August 14, 2024 August 21, 2024 August 28, 2024
September September 11, 2024 September 18, 2024 September 25, 2024
October October 9, 2024 October 16, 2024 October 23, 2024
November November 13, 2024 November 20, 2024 November 27, 2024
December December 11, 2024 December 18, 2024 December 24, 2024

For those people who started receiving SSDI benefits before May 1997, SSA will deliver the payments on the third of every month in 2024. Suppose the payment date falls on a weekend or there is a federal holiday for the upcoming month. In that case, the beneficiaries will receive their check on the weekday immediately before the normal payment date.

How to apply for $3822 SSDI Payment?

To Apply:

  • Go to the SSA website (https://www.ssa.gov/applyfordisability/).
  • Click on the apply button.
  • Create an online account if you do not have one.
  • Answer questions about disability, work history, and scientific circumstances.
  • Upload the relevant documents.

Or call at 1-800-772-1213 to help in the application process over the phone.

How to track status of $3822 SSDI Payment?

To track the status:

  • Go to your account in SSA (https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/).
  • Click on “Benefits and Payments.”
  • Select “Payment History” to see the records of your past payments and upcoming payments with dates.

If you don’t receive the check within three days of the payment date. Then you can call the SSA at 800-772-1213 or visit the local Social Security office.

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