£40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK 2024 : Good News Coming for People having Long-term Health Conditions

You might be able to get PIP or Personal Independence Payment if you are in need of extra money due to your illness. You can make a PIP claim if you are ill, disabled or mentally unfit. All decisions about PIP payment are made by Department of Work and Pension (DWP).  To claim for PIP you don’t have to worked or paid National Insurance. It also doesn’t matter if you are working or not to qualify for the same.

Discover details about £40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK in this article . £40000 PIP claim is for people who are suffering from long-term health conditions in UK. Gain some deeper understanding of this claim and learn about eligibility, and all the discussion around this claim in this blog.

£40000 Claim for PIP Claimers

Managing medical expenses with long-term health issues can be daunting. Millions of people rightfully claim PIP to help cover the costs of long-term health conditions. This department prioritize improving employment chances for skilled workers in the United Kingdom. The objective of this benefit is to offer financial support to people who need it. If you are eligible for PIP you can get a free vehicle tax. Certain PIP recipients can get tax exemption if it’s used by a person with disability. This can save people hundreds of pounds yearly.

£350 DWP Cash for Seniors

£145 Cost of Living for UK Households

£173 Cares Allowance for Seniors

There are a plethora of benefits available for PIP recipients like less utility bills, savings on activities like cinema or theme parks to reduced travel cost on public transports. Once you provide proof of your PIP entitlement you can avail these benefits.

Overview of PIP Rates

Component Amount per week
Mobility Standard Rate £26.90
Mobility Enhanced Rate £71
Daily Living Standard Date £68.10
Daily Living Enhanced Date £101.75


£40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK 2024 : Good News for People having Long-term Health Conditions

What is PIP or Personal Independence Payment in UK?

PIP has two parts or components. One is Daily Living component (daily activities) and other is Mobility component(moving around). Both components are paid at standard rate or enhanced rate which depend on claim bearers needs.

The Daily Living component is for help you need to go on about your day-to-day tasks. These tasks can include activities like taking shower or getting dressed or communication with people or preparing food. Whereas Mobility component is for the extra help you need while moving. This includes activities like commuting from one place to another, planning a journey or following a route.

The claimers will receive scores for each activity and payment will depend on how much score they get. The threshold amount for each component is 8 for standard payment and 12 points for enhanced payment.

Eligibility Criteria for £40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK

Individuals who have difficulty performing everyday tasks like bathing or moving around can claim for £40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK. This program is provided by UK government to provide financial assistance. We all know how expensive it is to live in the country because of that government is finding ways to help citizens in various aspects. To qualify for PIP individuals need to submitted a signed document from any healthcare professional stating it’s inability to perform routine tasks. It should also state the need of a caretaker due to a person’s limitations.

You can get PIP if:

  • You are of age 16 or above.
  • You possess long-term illness, mental condition or any sort of disability.
  • You must have find these things difficult for at least 12 months from when they started.
  • You have difficulty in doing routine tasks and moving around.
  • Claimant should have lived 104 weeks in UK.

PIP prices are expected to increase by 6.7% this year aligning with the Consumer Price Index level of inflation as of September 2023.

How to make a Claim for £40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK

  1. Firstly contact the Department of Work and Pension (DWP) and fill the PIP1 form. You can ask them also to that for you on phone.
  2. Then fill a form called “How your disability affects you.” You can get this form online or by post in paper form.
  3. Then go for a medical assessment.

It’s better to call DWP to start your claim process instead of writing them. This is quick and easy. When you call DWP you need to have certain information like:

  • Your name, full address, phone number.
  • Your bank account or building society account details.
  • National Insurance Number
  • Nationality or Immigration status number.
  • Dates and full deets on any of your hospital stays or residential care.
  • Contact information of your General Physician or any other healthcare professional who deals with your illness.
  • Details of your abroad stay in last 3 years for more than 4 weeks.

It should not take more than 20 minutes to complete this process. It’s ok if you are not the one who is doing call but you need to be present there when the call is happening. DWP will ask you few questions like how to send you “How your disability affects you” form or do you have any mental health or learning disability. This will ensure that if you need additional help or financial support with your claim.  It might take up to 6 months from the day of your first call to DWP to when you get your first payment. If you are eligible than you get the money based on the date when you started your claim process.

This £40000 Claim for PIP Claimers in UK eliminates the need of taking loans to cover normal expenses like utility bills and rent. People can enjoy the benefit of getting monthly payment deposited to their bank accounts. They can curb the challenges of existing financial issues.

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