Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Coming: Know Eligibility, Payment Amount and Schedule for June 2024

A program by the name of Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Payment has been started by the Canadian Government to help Canadian residents manage the higher prices of groceries due to the boom. 11 million Canadians received this relief payment when it was first announced in 2023. Canada Grocery Rebate desires to help people who are not able to buy essential food items because of inflation.

The Canadian Revenue Agency will provide Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Payment to households who have down to moderate income. The payment will be done once in a year and it can be deposited directly to your bank account or you can receive it through cheque. The date for this payment is July 2024. You can check your eligibility on their official site before applying for it.

Note- confirm this payment from the official website of the CRA for the latest updates about the Canada Grocery Rebate 2024. 

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024

The Canadian government created the Grocery Rebate Payment in the summer of 2023 in response to the Food Price Report’s prediction that Canada’s grocery prices may advance up to 7% in the near future. This implies that a Canadian household of four may wind up spending more than $15,000 year on food only. This strategy was developed by the government to assist down to moderate-income households who would be impacted by the significant increase in grocery costs.

$3,173 Canada Child Disability Credit 2024

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Canada Pension Payment Dates June 2024

This is a one-time compensation payment delivered by the government to support people with low-income and who are not able to manage their food prices. According to Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau this scheme is made to help people who are impacted by the inflation the most. To check if you are eligible for this plan or not log in to your CRA account and get all the required information.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Coming: Know Eligibility, Payment Amount and Schedule for April 2024

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024: Overview

Plan Name Canada Grocery Rebate Plan
Country Of Origin Canada
Administration Body CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)
Payment Date in 2024 July 2024
Amount of Rebate $225-$628
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Grocery Rebate 2024

To be eligible for Canada Grocery Rebate payment, you must fulfill these requirements. The primary condition is you need to be a citizen of Canada for income tax purposes. Your income should fall in $65,000 or less a year as a family and $48,000 or less as an individual. This payment is given only once a year and the last payment was made on 5 July 2023.

Eligibility for Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024:

  • Age: Above 19 years.
  • Filed income tax return in January 2024.
  • Single Canadians with income below $45,000 qualify.
  • Total family income should not exceed $65,000.

New Grocery Rebate:

  • People receiving GST/HST credit are automatically eligible.
  • The rebate is contingent upon filing the income tax return.

Grocery Rebate Payment Dates 2024

The first one-time compensation payment was already made to people who qualified in all the requirements on 5 July 2023. The fact that the GST/HST quarter payment only occurs once a year is notable. The money is scheduled to be received by July 2024, which corresponds to the timeline that was followed in 2023. You don’t have to submit any application to obtain this one-time compensation payment. All you need is your 2022 income tax and benefit returns.

In the event that the New Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 is not paid out on time. It is told that people stay patient for 10 working days. They are urged to get in touch with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to find out the status of their New Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 if, even after this time, they have not received the Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024. The CRA can offer support and details on the processing of the payment as well as possible causes for any delays. We value all our readers who visit our site for details on these schemes.

Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Amount in 2024

Your adjusted family net income (FNI) and family situation in 2022 will determine your payment amount in the year 2024. The amount will depend on your spouse and the number of kids.

  • Seniors will receive -$255
  • Individuals with no children will receive -$234
  • Couple with no kids will receive- $306
  • Pair with 1 kid will receive -$387
  • Couple with 2 kids will receive -$467
  • Pair with 3 kids will receive -$548
  • Couple with 4 kids will receive -$628

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, the grocery rebate payment will be double the amount of the GST/HST credit Canadians received in January 2023.

How to Get Canada Grocery Rebate Payment in 2024?

Take the following steps to get paid for your Canada grocery rebate payment:

  • Even if you have no income in the year, don’t forget to file your 2023 tax return.
  • Check your Notice of Re-determination for January 2024 to see if you qualify for the GST/HST credit.
  • Make sure to update your income tax or tax benefit with the CRA if your social status or family or individual income changes.
  • Kindly log into your account with CRA and send in the necessary paperwork.

What if You haven’t Received CGR 2024?

Qualified people will receive their grocery rebate payment within 10 working days. But if you have not received it for some reason, we request that you wait for at least 10 days and then inquire with the Canada Revenue Agency about your new grocery rebate payment status for 2024. Most people receive this payment on time. You can get it directly to your bank account, or you can get it through cheque.

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