Scotland Pension Increase 2024: What is Expected Pension increased Amount? Know Payment Date

In the ever-evolving scenario of retirement provisions, staying informed about pension increase is crucial for individuals to plan their financial futures. As we step into the new fiscal year, pensioners in Scotland have reason to rejoice. The eagerly awaited 2024 pension increase promises financial relief from rising living costs and improved security for those who have contributed a lifetime of hard work.

This article describes overview of the Scotland Pension Increase 2024 scheme, the eligibility criteria, and the expected increase in the amount. It would also look at the process to apply/claim and check the status. Continue reading to know more about this on our website.

Scotland Pension Increase 2024

  • The pension schemes in Scotland are looked after by Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA), an agency of the Scottish Government which plays a crucial role in administering pensions for various groups of public service employees in Scotland.
  • These pension schemes cover Scottish Teachers, Police, Firefighters, and National Health Service (NHS) workers. It ensures that eligible individuals receive their rightful benefits upon retirement or during their service.
  • Scotland Pension Increase is set to happen in April 2024. As a part of measures taken against inflation, the Scottish public service pensions is set to experience a substantial increase by 6.7%, in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is the measure of inflation.
  • This Scotland Pension Increase will include the most benefits and taxation credits in Scotland, and along with this, the increased 6.7% pension amounts will be based on eligibility and other factors such as National Insurance record, additional state pension, and deferral choices.
  • The 6.7% for Scottish public service pensions is confirmed, while the 8.5% for the State Pension is still subject to final government decisions regarding the triple lock policy.
  • Scotland Pension Increase 2024 : What is Expected Pension increase Amount ? Payment Date

Overview of Scotland Pension Increase 2024

Name Scotland Pension Increase 2024
Country of Origin Scotland (part of Great Britain)
Regulating body / Department Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA)
Year 2024
Category Government Aid Finance
Objective Financially support old age, senior people, and retirees.
Applicable persons Old age, senior people, and retirees of Scotland.
Age Limit 65+ years
Percentage increase in 2024 6.7% NHS Pension or deferred pensions

8.2% In-service revaluation for the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme (Scotland) during the 2023/24 period.

Amount (per month basis SPPA) Current Rate – £2055

Expected Rate – £2192

(Approximate amount. It can vary on various factors like schemes, contribution etc.)

Payment Duration Every 1 month (Pension from SPPA)
New Payment Starting Date 8 April, 2024
Website Scottish Public Pensions Agency home page | SPPA


Who can get benefit from Scotland Pension Increase 2024 ?

The eligibility criteria for Scotland Pension, which is covered under Scottish public service pensions, powered by SPPA is different from the general UK state pension as it clubs various individual schemes, each with specific eligibility criteria. However, here’s a general overview of some common eligibility criteria:

  1. Employment in the Public Service Sector in Scotland: This could include healthcare, education, local government, police, fire services, etc.
  2. Contributions to the Relevant Pension Scheme: This is usually done through mandatory deductions from individual’s salary during the employment period.
  3. Age: Typically falls between 62-65 years old but can vary between schemes covered under SPPA.
  4. Minimum Service Years: The required years of service in the specific sector can differ, usually ranging from 5-40 years.
  5. Contribution Requirements: The employer has notified the SPPA that regular contributions are getting paid from the salary.
  6. Disability-Related Factors: Certain schemes might consider disability benefits or early retirement based on medical conditions.
  7. Pension Recipients: Already receiving pension benefits from the schemes covered under SPPA, such as, Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme or the National Health Service Superannuation Scheme (Scotland).

Expected increase in the Scotland Pension Amount 2024

The confirmed increase for most Scottish public service pensions in 2024 is 6.7%, effective April 8th. The amount can increase by approximately £135 per month. If a person, on average, receives approximately £2000 per month covered under Scottish public service pensions, then after April 2024, he can expect the amount to be £2134 per month. One must understand that the amount may vary for each individual due to:

  • Diverse schemes that a person opts.
  • Contributions, service years, and retirement age.

The 8.5% increase mentioned in other sources refers to the possible increase for the UK State Pension under the triple lock policy.

How to apply for increase Pension amount ?

  1. Online Application:
    1. Log in or register for My Pension Online using this link: My Pension Online.
    2. Review details like the following and update changes, if required:
      1. Personal details like name, address, email id.
      2. Your detailed Pension information.
  1. Application Process: Once logged in, complete the eight-step application process:
    1. Pension effective date.
    2. Review your personal profile information and update changes if required.
    3. Confirm information about the spouse (if applicable).
    4. Choose a pension option that suits the requirements.
  1. Gather Information: Collect documents like your National Insurance number, employment history within the public service sector, retirement date, and contributions details.
  2. Access My Account: Log in or register for various online services as per the pension type using the following links:
    1. [Member Self Service] ( Log in or register.
    2. [NHS]( Access NHS-related pension services.
    3. [Teachers]( Access pension services for teachers.

Scotland Pension Increase 2024 Latest Status

Check the recent communications received from your scheme administrator under pension documents or provide them with details like your National Insurance number, employment history, and retirement date. Contact the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) through Telephone: 01896 893000 or visit their website at

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