CRA Benefit Payment Dates May 2024- Know the Scheduled Dates for CRA Benefits Coming in Canada?

With the arrival of May 2024, majority of Canadians would re-assess and navigate their financial responsibilities, so staying informed about key dates is crucial. One of the main highlights in this month is the schedule of benefit payments scheduled under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Understanding CRA Benefit Payment Dates becomes essential, as it not only ensures financial planning accuracy but also clarifies the government’s commitment in offering necessary assistance to eligible beneficiaries. This article go through you about CRA Benefit Payment Dates May 2024, providing individuals with the information they require to manage their finances effectively.

What is CRA Benefits?

CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is the federal agency responsible for administering tax laws and various social and economic benefit programs in Canada. CRA ensures the collection of taxes and the distribution of benefits are done correctly to eligible individuals and families.

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CRA benefits refer to the financial support programs provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. These benefits include payments and credits designed to help Canadians in variety of way as per eligibility. Some notable CRA benefits include child benefits, GST credits, old age security, climate action credits etc. These benefits play a crucial role in ensuring financial stability and meeting essential needs for eligible recipients. Some of the benefits covered under CRA includes:

  1. Canada Pension Plan (CPP):
    • A monthly, taxable benefit plan for 60+years which provides partial replacement of earnings by giving pension for retirees, disabled individuals, or immediate beneficiaries in case of death.
    • Available for life if one qualifies the criteria and have at least contributed to CPP through job or credits received from spouse.
  1. Old Age Security (OAS):
    • A monthly pension for individuals aged 65 and older.
    • Helps seniors with living costs and is available to Canadian citizens and legal residents.
    • Individuals are enrolled automatically if qualified.
  1. Goods and Services Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Credit:
    • Tax-free quarterly payment provided to individuals and families with low incomes.
    • HST combines federal GST and provincial sales tax and payments in certain provinces.
    • Individuals/Businesses are included automatically if they file their taxes.
  1. Canada Child Benefit (CCB):
    • A tax-free monthly payment for eligible families raising children under 18.
    • Helps with child-related expenses and may include the child disability benefit.
  1. Advanced Canada Workers Benefit (ACWB):
    • A refundable tax credit for low-income workers.
    • Provides advance payments based on the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) to help cope with living costs.
  1. CRA Climate Action Incentive Payment:
    • Non taxable payment provided to households of certain regions.
    • Payment is provided quarterly.
    • Supports environmentally friendly actions.
    • Eligibility varies by province or territory.
  1. Ontario Trillium Benefits:
    • Includes energy and property tax credits.
    • Provides financial assistance to Ontario residents.
    • Includes
      1. Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC)
      2. Northern Ontario Energy Credit (NOEC)
  • Ontario Sales Tax Credit (OSTC)
  • Payment is provided monthly.
  1. Alberta Child and Family Benefit:
    • Non-taxable payment provided to households of Alberta region.
    • Specifically for Alberta residents to assist with child-related costs.
    • Payment is made quarterly and ensures to reduce child poverty.
  1. Veteran Disability Pension
    • Non-taxable payment provided to the war veterans.
    • Provides financial support to eligible veterans with disabilities.
    • Administered by Veterans Affairs Canada which works under CRA.

CRA Benefit Payment Dates For March 2024 : On these Dates CRA Payments are Coming in Canada?

CRA Benefit Payment Dates May 2024 Highlights

Name CRA Benefits Payment Dates
Country of Origin Canada
Regulating body / Department CRA
Year 2024
Category Government Aid
Objective Reduce tax burden on rising inflation
Benefits Canada Pension Plan

Old Age Security


Canada Child Benefit

Advanced Canada Workers Benefit

CRA Climate Action Incentive Payment

Ontario Trillium Benefit

Alberta Child and Family Benefit

Veteran Disability Pension

Applicable persons Citizens of Canada
Age Limit 19+ years to 65+ years (depending on benefits)
Expected month of payment May 2024
Payment mode Online



CRA Benefit Payment Dates Feb 2024 Canada

Benefit Program Payment Date
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) May 29th 2024
Old Age Security (OAS) May 29, 2024
GST/HST Credit April 5, 2024
Canada Child Benefit (CCB) May 17, 2024
Advanced Canada Workers Benefit (ACWB) July 12, 2024
CRA Climate Action Incentive Payment N/A (Next payment is on the following dates:

·       15 April 2024

·       15 July 2024

·       15 October 2024

Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) May 10, 2024
Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB) May 27, 2024
Veteran Disability Pension (VDP) May 30, 2024

Eligibility For CRA Benefit Payments

Eligibility criteria for each benefit program covered under CRA may vary depending upon the type of benefits which the individual will receive, or it may even depend on the regions. For some benefit program, the age may start from 18 years (CCB, ACWB, ACFB) or in some cases, it may start from 60+ years (VDP, OAS, CPP). The most common criteria are that the individual should be a Canadian citizen and holds necessary documents to prove the citizenship or in some cases prove disability.

 How to Claim for CRA Benefit Payment April 2024 ?

  • Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from CRA authorities.
  • Explore benefits and credits and apply for the ones in which the eligibility criteria match.
  • In some benefits, file taxes to validate eligibility through RC66 (Canada Child Benefits Application) and RC66SCH (Status in Canada / Statement of Income).
  • Seek free tax help as a newcomer online through CRA or offline through CRA officials.
  • If application process is successful, then the individual is automatically enlisted for benefits. There won’t be a separate process to claim the amount.

So Canada Revenue Agency Distributes Various Benefit Payments as per Payment Dates specified. Qualified & Eligible Individuals keep an eye on their bank account on CRA Benefit Payment Dates April 2024 . For More Updates & News You Can Visit portal or can visit our website for latest updates.

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