Old Age Pension 2024: What is Expected NZ Pension Increase? Seniors Must Know Eligibility, Amount, Payment Dates

The Old Age Pension 2024 of New Zealand will be experiencing significant updates as it continues to provide essential financial support to seniors aged 65 and above. The changes in Old Age Pension 2024 of New Zealand will impact eligibility criteria, payment amounts, and distribution schedules. As the government addresses evolving socio-economic landscapes, this article will delve into the specifics of the expected pension increase, including the eligibility requirements that distinguish beneficiaries while revealing the updated amount structure. In addition, retirees would be assured a complete knowledge of the changes influencing their financial security in the upcoming year.

Old Age pension 2024

New Zealand’s Old Age Pension, officially known as NZ Superannuation, is a government-funded universal pension scheme-based payment program that provides financial assistance to eligible New Zealand citizens and residents who are 65 years or older, regardless of their income or assets. It aims to support seniors financially during their retirement years and the benefits are provided under Superannuation and Retirement Act of 2001 where citizens receive payments after a specific age.

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New Zealand Pension Increase 2024

To qualify, a person must have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years after turning 20, including 5 years since turning 50. The amount received depends on individual circumstances, and along with NZ. While there is no official retirement age, most people choose to retire around 65 years old, coinciding with the start of NZ Superannuation payments.

The Old Age Pension 2024 will see some significant changes being made to the New Zealand Superannuation criteria and payment amounts. The new requirements extend the period of residence from 10 years to 20 years since turning 20, with at least 5 years spent in New Zealand after turning 50. Also, there will be a slight increase by 1.79% to reflect changes in the cost of living. These changes aim to ensure fair residency requirements while providing financial support to retirees in New Zealand.

Old Age Pension 2024: What is Expected NZ Pension Increase ? Seniors Must Know Eligibility, Amount, Payment Dates

NZ Old Age Pension 2024 Overview

Name Old Age pension 2024 or Superannuation 2024
Country of Origin New Zealand
Regulating body / Department Work and Income
Year 2024
Category Government Aid – Finance
Objective Improve retirees and old age life with rising inflation
Applicable persons Old age people


Age Limit 65+ years
Amount (per week) $496.36 (approximate value and may vary based on individual circumstances and tax codes.)
Dates in February 13 February 2024

27 February 2024

Website https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/

Eligibility criteria for Old Age Pension 2024

To be eligible for Old Age Pension 2024, a person must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: Be 65 years of age or older on the date of application.
  2. Residency: There are certain criteria for Old Age Pension 2024 in case of residency which must be followed:
  • Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have lived in New Zealand for a specific period, meeting the minimum residency requirements. This is where the changes for 2024 come into effect:
    • Before July 1, 2024: The minimum residency requirement was 10 years since turning 20 years old, with at least 5 years spent in New Zealand since turning 50.
    • From July 1, 2024, onwards: The minimum residency requirement will gradually increase over the next 18 years, reaching 20 years since turning 20 by July 2042. Additionally, 5 years must still be spent in New Zealand since turning 50.
  • The specific residency requirements for someone who has not lived in New Zealand for the entire qualifying period may be met by spending time in Cook Islands, Niue, or Tokelau.

Payment amount, mode, and dates for Old Age Pension 2024

Here is the payment amount for Old Age Pension 2024 in NZ:

Payment Categories and Amounts (per week):

  • Single living alone: NZ$496.00
  • Single sharing accommodation: NZ$458.00
  • Married/civil union, one partner qualifies: NZ$381.00.
  • Married/civil union, both partners qualify: NZ$248.00 each.

Payment Mode

Amount is paid online and fortnightly (14 days) on every second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Payment Dates for 2024

Month Payment Dates
February 13 & 27
April 12 & 26
April 9 & 23
May 7 & 21
June 4 & 18
July 2, 16 & 30
August 13 & 27
September 10 & 24
October 8 & 22
November 5 & 19
December 3, 17 & 31


NZ Old Age Pension  Important Points

  • Since this is a universal pension-scheme payment system, so there won’t be any dependency on the person’s income or assets in Old Age Pension 2024. However, increase or decrease in income and multiple sources of income may lead to changes in tax code which would eventually lead to variations in payments.
  • The above amounts are pre-tax, and deductions may apply depending on your individual circumstances.
  • The payment dates may vary slightly depending on public holidays.

Payments may also differ due to individual circumstances such as if a person is:

  • married but lives alone with a dependent child who is under 18 years of age – $496.37
  • married but lives with someone over 18 years of age or who is coming and staying over more than 13 weeks – $458.18

To apply and check for Old Age Pension 2024, a person may visit Ministry of Social Development (MSD) website by logging into their portal called MyMSD through IRD number and a RealMe verified account. They may even visit their local MSD service center or can call MSD at 0800 552 002.

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